This Apple-Influenced, Aussie-Made Android Launcher Sure Is Sexy

Not happy with the current batch of Android launchers? Neither was developer Chris Lacy, best known for the app Tweet Lanes, so he made his own. Due out within a week, the Brisbane coder's "Action Launcher" looks slick, clean and best of all, practical.

Lacy mentions in a short interview with Ausdroid that he drew upon "the simplicity and ease-of-use of Apple's products" when crafting the launcher, a methodology he applies to all his apps. His goal with Action Launcher was to create something "your iPhone-loving uncle can pick up" and "intuitively know how to operate".

As Ausdroid mentions, the most notable feature of the launcher (visible in the lead image) is the top-docked action bar. If you prefer Android's default search bar, then Action Launcher might not be for you, but if you like icon shortcuts, well, it's worth a look.

More screenshots and details can be found at the link below.




    Has android phone, tries to make it more like ios. You're a disgrace to programming.

      You are a disgrace to the world. He is not trying to imitate it. He is merely borrowing the simplicity and ease of use* of iOS products.

      *not that I think it is easy to use.

        +1. I thought Android users celebrated and promoted the openeess and diversity of their OS? Isn't it a good thing that an Android programmer is mature enough to recognise that the simplicity of iOS might be of use to people? (obviously not power users, but that's not his target market by the sounds of it).

        Google themselves borrowed ideas from iOS for Android, and the other way around is also true with Apple clearly lifting ideas from Android for iOS. People that can't see that are fooling themselves.

        Why do people align themselves so fiercely with brands when both OS's clearly have different benefits for different users? Believe it or not I like iOS (admittedly only when jailbroken) AND Android. It is possible people. Try it! :)

      ouch dude. Do you spaz out at all forms of non-conservative application development?

    Lookout! Incoming law suit. It's kind of maybe something similar to apple on an Android, he's just asking for trouble.

    Why is it headline worthy that it is 'Apple influenced', when all the guy said was he 'references the simplicity and ease-of-use of apple.... It’s fair to say I’ll draw inspiration from [other launchers] many and varied customization options.'
    Good job covering local devs, but I dont see the point of the headline. How about
    'Aussie made launcher is sexy and amazing'?

      Yes, because the fact that Apple actually WAS his inspiration for the launcher is entirely irrelevant /s.

      Android fanatics that can't even bare to see Apple's name mentioned in a headline sure are funny.

        Or maybe just he was relating to simplicity but that it's in no way based on iPhone. Those similarities already belong to androids base and it's layout wasn't even introduced by apple. I just disagree on giving apple credit where it's not actually due

          Yeah, how about this credit. A guy made a really interesting designed launcher. Inspiration; brain, everything around, common sense.
          its just fair to say this guy made the app rather than apple was the reason for it.
          i guess im reading too much into it as well but to be honest, the app should be at the center of this article headline, not apple.
          Thank god im not a freaky deaky android fan. Im just smitten that android is customise/hackable in so many ways.

    I don't get what's so simple about it , tried it not for me. I think people think its simple because they have a hard time transitioning from ios to android. Jellybean stock is amazing. I can't wait to see the LG nexus .

    How exactly is this apple influenced? i dont even see anything similar...

      well it looks very simple, and surely thats an apple innovation.

        Didn't you hear? Apple invented the word 'simple'. Simple wasn't a known till they came along.

        All that guff aside, I'm digging the sidebar-style app menu.

    Looks like the Facebook navigation menu, it's cool. Might give it a go.

    Cant wait to give it a go. I love the way people rethink the design and function of a launcher. totally hit the creative spark.

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