These Renders Make For An Absolutely Stunning iPad Mini

After the iPhone 5 leak mega-saga -- at these point you can call these renders sneak previews -- the black anodised aluminium iPad mini seems like a done deal at this point.

That's why Gizmodo reader Martin Hajek -- who made those awesome iPhone 5 renders that looked just like the real thing -- has rendered these images. The more I look at it, the more I like it.

But the white one looks be cool too... and then I saw the colour model. I want that one.

That would be a nice surprise at the rumoured imminent presentation of the new 7.85-inch model: iPad minis with anodised aluminium backs in different colours, just like the iPod touch.

It's pure speculation, but the colour backs would make the cheaper iPad mini quite different from the Kindle Fires and the rest of mini-tablets of this world. It's playful and aligns with the iPod touch theme. If they release them in colours, they would sell gazillions this Christmas season.

This blue model looks pretty sweet, although I would like mine in red.

A completely white model with the silver polished apple.

Seems like a 2001: a Space Odyssey prop.

Although perhaps the white model will have just a plain anodised aluminium back, like the iPhone 5 and this render.

It so, it could look quite similar to the first-generation iPhone.

But the black one will probably be the top seller.

Here's the entire white family, so you can compare the screen sizes. The iPad mini doesn't look that small, does it?



    Hey Jesus,

    Pretty sure those renders indicate the iPad mini will fall in line with the design of the new iPod Touch dude.

    Which would be pretty hot in person if that's the case.

    The sad thing is, Apple's design is so predictable now that people can make renders. No more "oohs and ahhhs" based purely on how it looks :p

      I'm sure like a lot of people I like the classic understated style of their stuff. I like that my 3 year old macbook pro still looks as current as the day I bought it. One of the reasons I bought a VW Golf as my recent new car purchase. But everyone's tastes are different.

    black one looks awesome

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    If this thing is sub $400 I'm having one. In black.

    The black one looks sweet. The apple logo is a bit too big though...

    I still don't understand why they are releasing an iPad Mini? Steve Jobs (I know he is) stated that they wouldn't release a smaller iPad or a larger iPhone. Is it a case that they don't have anything new to release so they 'copied' the smaller tablets that are available now?

      They are releasing it for people that want a smaller iPad, if you don't like it don't buy one, simple.

      “He would flip on something so fast that you would forget that he was the one taking the 180 degree polar [opposite] position the day before,” Cook told Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher. “I saw it daily. This is a gift, because things do change, and it takes courage to change. It takes courage to say, ‘I was wrong.’ I think he had that.”

    Wow, this looks amazing. So cool. Unfortunately at the end of the day it is still running iOS, and for me that holds no interest.

    In order of preference: White > Blue > Black

    Would compliment my white 4S

    But the blue looks rather nice too

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