These Fascinating Alien Embryos Are Actually Bat Foetuses

Forget about the Montauk monster. This extraordinary photo — taken by Dorit Hockman, from the University of Cambridge's Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience — shows three embryos of the species Molossus rufus, known as the black mastiff bat.

It's one of the entries of Nikon's 2012 photomicrography competition. It's also one of those images that makes me go "what the hell is this disgusti — oh, it's actually kind of cute!" [Nikon Small World]


    Yeah, it is kinda disgustingly cute... Just look at those little fingers and toes. :D

    What I find really interesting, is that every (mostly) mammalian creature on earth has a very similar foetus. Up to a certain age, they are indistinguishably similar to a human foetus.

    Foetus 2 = Ninja Foetus

    Very freaky, but fascinating...and a little cute.

    The one on the left looks like a baby Darth Vader

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