These Boots Will Make You The Most Badass Boarder On The Slopes

Even if you’ve never strapped on a snowboard in your life, next winter you’ll have everyone on the slopes thinking you could easily go toe-to-toe with Shaun White with a pair of Nike’s new Zoom DK QS double tongue boarding boots.

With art and graphics more suited to the US Air Force’s World War II fleet, the $US350 boots boast a double tongue design which presumably provides a snugger fit and increased warmth. But that’s the last thing most people will care about when they see these on store shelves. You can literally sell anything as long as it’s adorned like a grinning tooth-filled shark. [Nike via Uncrate]


    Just over twice the au price in us of regular air force ones. I'd buy them at that price. I foresee australian localizing at $600

    Would be nicely complemented by adding glittery streamers to your gloves ;-)

    Last edited 31/10/12 6:16 pm

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