There's Already An iPad Mini Knock-Off

From the makers of the iPhone 5 knock-off, comes an iPad Mini knock off just one day after Apple revealed its dwarfpad. Hilarious, but also not surprising considering how much we actually knew about the baby tablet.

The GooPad mini is an eight-inch tablet that looks just like the iPad Mini and comes with pretty similar specs — the same 1024x768 pixel display, as well as a 1.4GHz dual-core processor and a wimpier 2MP camera. And — as you might have guessed — it's pure Android underneath that iOS skin.

And it's much cheaper at $US100. But it's a complete and blatant rip-off and the makers of the GooPad will probably be receiving a friendly cease and desist letter from Apple's lawyers if they haven't already.

[GizmoChina via BGR]

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