Video Stream: Watch The Red Bull Space Jump Live Right Here [Updated]

Updating live: Watch the first human supersonic space jump. High winds have delayed the launch of Felix Baumgartner's insane mission to the edge of space. It's actually going ahead at 4:30am(ish) AEDT overnight, with the actual jump a couple of hours after that. Or that's the plan. Here's everything you need to know to catch the show!

Hit the video above to watch the free fall live!

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For the uninformed: Baumgartner is attempting to smash four world records by diving out of a capsule that's 37km above the earth in what is defined as "the edge of space". He's going to step off his capsule and begin plummeting back towards earth at the speed of sound. Whoa.

If you're really into watching it on your TV, though, it'll also be on 7Mate. More at the Red Bull Stratos page.


4:42AM The mission has just been aborted "due to gusty winds". Felix is looking very disappointed. We feel for you, buddy. The crew will try the record-breaking stunt tomorrow.

4:40AM In case you were wondering, Felix can apparently safely pee in his suit thanks to a special urine-collecting device.

4:38AM Felix looks remarkably calm and composed. Ground control is looking more nervous. Felix is strapped into the capsule that is currently attached to a crane. The balloon is still being inflated. If everything goes as planned, Felix will experience the longest freefall in history, an expected 5 minutes and 35 seconds. The current record belongs to his mentor Kittinger: 4 minutes and 36 seconds.

4:32AM The countdown clock has started! We're just minutes away from launch now. Godspeed, Felix.

4:28AM Holy crap, it's happening. As you can see in the live stream above, the capsule Felix is strapped into is currently being raised. The launch time is now set for 4:35AM AEDT. Felix just said to ground control: "I am strapped into the capsule, and I am ready to go."

4:26AM Here's another shot of Felix taken just before being raised into the capsule:

4:20AM Launch time is still set for 4:30AM AEDT. The balloon is currently being inflated. Here's an image of Felix approaching the vehicle:

1:10AM The capsule is on the flight line and waiting for the next update by the mission meteorologist.

12:40AM As a few commenters have pointed out, it'll take at two to three hours for Felix to ascend to jumping altitude after launch. Net result: Stay tuned, but it's looking like early morning Australian AEDT time.

12:30AM AEDT 10/10: Mission update: Another weather conditions delay. This time 11:30 MDT (4:30am AEDT in Australia) is the earliest launch. Damn it. Not looking good for us Aussies with early starts! Unless you're in Perth of course!

Mission meteorologist Don Day says that they are waiting for the wind to calm down.

11:36PM: Launch window ticker in video stream updated to "no earlier than 8am MDT" Otherwise known as 1am AEDT in Australia.

Starting to get quite late. Who's staying up with us!?

11:19PM: "We're on a weather hold due to winds at 700ft - the top of our giant balloon. Next update expected soon. Launch not possible before 7:30 MDT (US Mountain Daylight Time)." That's an hour from now: 12:30am (00:30) here in AEDT Australia.

11PM AEDT 9/10: Countdown clock looks to be readying for 11:30pm (Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time) launch, while video says weather hold continues. Stay tuned.

Baumgartner will break the record set by United States Air Force Captain Joe Kittinger on August 16, 1960. Kittinger jumped from the Excelsior III balloon, which at the time was flying at 102,800 feet-that's 19.47 miles or 31 kilometers up in the sky.

More importantly, he will be the first man to go supersonic without any propulsion aid. That has to hurt.

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Earlier Sorry about yesterday. We were so sure it was going ahead. High winds put the launch on hold for 24 hours. We're making it up to you by telling you just how you can watch it without having to sit down in front of your TV.


    Thanks for the heads up!

      "heads up" get it..

        hahaha ]... can not wait for this to go down!! way more exciting then the first steps on the moon in my opinion!!!! so in australia with the delays, the launch wont be for another 7 hours yea? i really do not want to miss this!!!

          Exciting yes, but as someone who watched at the time this is not even close to Apollo 11. The moon landings were orders of magnitude more complex and dangerous. I really hope this jump is successful but it will be only slightly higher (15%) than Joe Kittinger's record set 52 years ago.

    Been looking forward to this. All of the build up jumps have been great to watch too. Amazing stuff. Nearly as cool as the wingsuiter that landed with no chute (into boxes)

    WTF just looked and 7mate is not showing in WA at either 815pm or 1115pm that is crap i want to watch it but without the internet where i am at i am well and truly stuffed Thanks 7 appears they have updated their tv guide on the web now to show they are putting it on however it is still at 1115 why not show it at the same time as the rest of Aus

    Last edited 09/10/12 2:38 pm

      FFS it's called a full stop. Or even a comma.

    Ok I confess, I can never do that.
    The amount of concentration & trust in your gear is astonishing.
    Flame me if you must, but that guy is simply a Turkey for doing this... and I'll be watching every second of those six minutes!

    Can't wait to watch this, so much awesome.


    *your TV. Just thought I'd fix up the accidental blue while I was waiting! Hope it goes ahead. This guy has more courage than I ever will.

    According to 7 it's delayed until 12:30am and the latest decision will be made at 1am.

    oh delay after delay :( some of us need to work tomorrow........sigh.. dam US time scheduling :(

    I think this might never happen, they have delayed it again by another half an hour.

    Edit... has he started his ascent yet?

    Last edited 09/10/12 11:53 pm

      no that's what the are delaying, it will take close to 3 hours from launch to jump so even if it starts right now the business end is still a while away.

    ahhh the suspense!! can't wait... anyone know how long it is expected for him to reach altitude?

    Good luck u mad bastard

    After launch, takes about 90mins to reach jump altitude

      thankyou!! says the balloon will reach altitude in less than 3 hours after launch, so maybe just a bit longer than 90 mins.

          oh, my bad. thought i saw 90 mins on their site. anyway ... "Meteorologist Don Day days we will wait out the wind with a target launch set for 11:30 #stratos #livefeed" ... which makes it 4:30am sydney time. So he'll probably jump around 7:30am?

            If they don't then I think we will have to wait till tomorrow. I hope we do, because I will be sleeping then.

    sigh... i think its going to be a wake up early morning thing to see replays... sad face :(

      with another delay in the launch time it looks like we will see it live if we get up early, say around 6:30-7am at this rate.

    What happens when he jumps, how will we see that live?

    I am hanging out to see this !!should be awesome hopefully not too much longer eyes r hanging out of head !

    Regardless of the launch time. It will still take a few hours for him to reach the jump point. So if he does launch at 1am, then it will be around 3 or 4 am before he jumps. I don't care anyway. I work afternoon shift.

    Just a shame 7mate has chosen to put on a show promoting bullying while we wait for an update :(

    they say its inflating, and yet the balloon is clearly still laying flat on the ground...

    Why don't they just use a rocket?

    Looks like its bust for now. One shot balloon. Ouch!!!

    Ironically I will need many red bulls just to stay awake to watch this...

      Yep, clever ploy by RB to increase sales, the weather has actually been perfect......

        Oh... so you are a meteorologist also? And have access to all the same information the Redbull team on the ground do?
        Oh well, please tell me more about the perfect weather,

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