The Only Facebook Ad Parody You Need To Watch

I'm glad someone finally made a parody that truly shows the impossibly high level of imbecility and self-congratulatory pretentiousness of Faceboo's first ad.


    If chairs are like Facebook, is that why standing desks are getting more popular?

      Standing desks are like Google+, not a lot of people use them because they're too lazy to get off their chair.

    I honestly can't even find a reason to go on Facebook anymore. Every time I go on all I see is an entire page filled with retarded status updates of people pretending to be someone they're not. All I see are profiles that present a social mask that they hide behind in order to stay in the status quo.

      probably has something to do with your choice in friends...

        Facebook is a facade people put up, just like in person when they lie to each others faces. It's just easier to lie on a screen. Changing the word Contacts to Friends was a smart move for Facebook. But it doesn't make it true.

    "No-o, that one's a stool"

    Lost my shit, not gonna lie.



    One who shows high levels of imbecility and self-congratulatory pretentiousness.

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