The Nexus 7 Is Now Just $249 In Australia

Google just took the lid off a 32GB Nexus 7 tablet. It has also dropped the price of the 16GB model from $299 to $249 for Australian customers. The bigger 32GB version takes the $299 price tag, while the 8GB model has been pulled altogether.

This confirmed earlier suspicions from price leaks to third-party retailers that Google would make its flagship tablet cheaper. In spite of the cancellation of Google's event because of Hurricane Sandy, the news is still moving along -- Google also revealed the 10-inch Nexus 10 to rival the iPad. Now you have even more tablets to choose from.


    That'll screw apple :)

      I'm sure. After all, Apple owes its success to low prices, right?

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      What a truly stupid comment! Apple does not compete on price but on quality. Rolls Royces are a lot more expensive than a Barina and you people still buy RRs. You may think that the only dimension to quality is price, but a lot of people, including me, will disagree.

        Don't think Made in China will be a bad quality, Chinese need to thanks Apple for this, at least they still Made in China and plenty call it "Quality" product.

    Great.... but maps, earth and local all still display distances in miles..... shits me to tears

      Google maps is in km for me...

        Same, all in km

          Where did you guys buy yours... I got mine from Officeworks...

    I'm itching to get one, my only problem is the anemic Australian Play Store movies (want it for the kids).

    Anyone got any suggestions for a good, legit, alternative?

      There's a program called Handbrake, legally you're allowed to rip your own DVDs and use them on your own devices, just not share (obviously).

      So rip WALL-E to file, place file on tablet, grab MoboPlayer to play it, done!

      Play does have some good kids films too though.

      Depending on their ages, Back To The Future is good, as is Hocus Pocus (although those might be for the 8 and up crowd).

    So glad I was an early adopter and just got that'll teach me!

      If you're with Android, you only lost 25% at max.
      If you're with Apple, you only have 25% left at max..

        If you talking about resale values your theory is backwards.
        Nexus 7 secondhand $150 (lost half its value)
        iPad 2 second hand (wifi 16gb) $350 (lost less than a third of its value)

      Sell it on and buy the new one, I'd do it if I wasn't so poor. :P

    Looks like both the Nexus 7 tablets don't come with 4.2. Just checked in the Play store.

    Does anyone know what the deal is with the 3G version? Doesn't seem like we're getting it but will we?

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