The New Furby Is Absurdly Expensive

The New Furby Is Absurdly Expensive

We took a look at the new Furby a little while back. There’s no sugar coating it, it’s not the whizz-bang, you-beaut product of the future it used to be. It almost feels like it should be found at a market somewhere rather than front-and-centre in a kid’s toy shop. Nevertheless, it’s now on sale in Australia for…wait. How much? You must be joking…

The original Furby when it went on sale in the Christmas season of 1998, they cost around $US35. In Australia, I remember seeing them from anywhere between $40 and $85, due to the demand for the thing. You have to remember that it was the future, and parents would pay anything for them.

That was then, and this is now: the new Furby will set you back $99. That’s not a lot of money for a gadget, but holy crap is that a gouging price or what? In 1998, the Furby cost $40. Adjust that for inflation and that same Furby would cost you $58.93. The only thing different on the new Furby, which is hitting shelves 14 years after the first one did — seems to be the two LCD eyes. Why is that then worth an extra $40 of our coin?

We’re even getting gouged on the Australia Tax with this monstrosity, too. It costs $US80 internationally, but Australians will pay $19 extra to get their hands on one from a local vendor.

I’d love to know if anyone has bought one of these and legitimately enjoyed it. If not, just share your happy, original Furby memories in the comments.