The Lockitron Is Keyless Living As It Ought To Be

Imagine never having to say the words: 'Oh shit. I forgot my keys', with the various expletives that invariably follow. Imagine if you could just grab your phone and use it as the device for taking photos of your food and opening your house. If it's your dream like it is mine, then the Lockitron is the device for you.

You may remember Lockitron from its sweet prototype last year. It wasn't awesome simply because it didn't fit every door and it didn't work wirelessly — you needed an ethernet connection. Now, though, it's fully wireless, gorgeous to look at and it works with pretty much any door with a deadbolt.

The main function of the Lockitron is that you stick it over the deadbolt on your door and you can open and lock your house with an app. The new Lockitron though does so much more than the original.

Some of the best bits of the new and improved Lockitron: it comes with a built-in knock sensor that pushes a notification to your device when someone is at the door, it's got Bluetooth 4.0 which unlocks your door as you walk up to it for frictionless entry and it's only $US149.

It ships in March of next year, and the folks from Apigy had originally aimed to sell 1000 of these gadgets. At the time of publication, there are over 2700 orders. Better make that 2701. This thing definitely falls into my "shut up and take my money" pile. [Lockitron]

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