The Iron Man 3 Trailer Is Here

Oh man. This is it. We've seen the stupid trailer for a trailer but now, this is it. The Iron man 3 trailer, and boy, is it dark.

Watch the trailer right this instant, then come back to this bit.

Let's be clear. This isn't the brash, funny, light-hearted Iron Man we're used to from the first two films. This is the fight of Tony Stark's life. The fight against the Mandarin and what's left of the Ten Rings.

First thing you notice is more Iron Man suits, the next thing you notice is that Ben Kingsley is taking on the role of the Mandarin and he sounds like a cross between Bane from The Dark Knight Rises and Agent Smith from The Matrix: Revolutions.

A few other things? Tony's arc reactor is on the blink, his house is getting destroyed and he can't seem to shake the happenings of The Avengers.

Here's what we're left with from the Mandarin:

Lesson number one: Heroes? There is no such thing...

Tell us what you think of the trailer.

Apparently Iron Man likes to be on top...#JustSayin'

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