The International Space Station Will Execute An Evasive Manoeuvre Today

The International Space Station is executing an evasive manoeuvre in a few hours, following the protocol when there's more than a one in 10,000 chance of a space collision.

According to Nadyezhda Zavyalova -- spokeswoman for the ISS Mission Control in Moscow -- the Russian Zvevda module will fire its rocket engines at 7.22am Moscow time (12.22pm AEST) in an attempt to avoid space junk.

Like I said back in 2008, the ISS needs lasers. Or something.

The ISS is almost as big as a Corellian corvette and it's up there defenseless, floating peacefully, sitting like a dinosaur-sized duck, waiting for one of the 21,000 pieces of tracked space debris to crack it open and take it down in a fiery ball of junk.

Sure, they have a escape spaceship for astronauts. In case things go bad they can jump in there and fly away before the worst happens. However, after all the money and effort put in the only human post in space, do we want to send everything to hell for a piece of orbiting crap? Wouldn't it be better to install defence mechanisms against space debris-or, ah, hmmm, alien ships!-to preserve the ISS? Or can we keep it moving up down until we decide to sink it in the ocean?

Technically, there are already weapon systems that may be altered to perform this task, but this is not an easy task. We know it is not as easy as firing a laser and taking down the incoming chunk of metal with a Star Wars explosion.

There's a lot of things to be taken into account. First, you will need to detect the threat and fire from a very long distance, so the resulting effect doesn't cause any harm to the ISS itself. Then, the method to take down the object will change depending on its nature. Is it a big satellite or just a big chunk of metal from a previous collision? Does the incoming object have explosive elements inside? If the object is too big and can't be obliterated in a single shot, perhaps it would be better to have some kind of rocket that may approach the object and change its orbit by exploding near it? Perhaps some kind of emergency tug that can attach to the object and take it down?

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    Isn't against international law to stick weapons systems in space? I think it would be better to work out a way to get the space junk out of orbit. If you can spend trillions sticking satellites into orbit surely you can spend a few billion to clean the place up!

      ...."a few billion", you're joking right?

      "Trillions" and a "Few Billion"? Have you walked straight off and Austin Powers set?

    Stuff International Law and all those backwards nations who don't wanna get that Space is where people have been as opposed to it being some Religious Fantasy land as payment for your justified misdeeds, Push the Space Station out to a stationary point between the Earth and the Moon so it will always be there.

    What's really cool about this is the way the station moves. It doesn't use thrusters etc. it uses a series of Gyroscopes, so no reaction at all. Seriously cool stuff.!!

      Really? How does that work? Sounds very cool

        Think Bike wheel and hold onto the axle when it spins. Then try to redirect the wheel!

          oh my head hurts. That didn't help at all! :P I'll go educate myself about it. Cool stuff tho.

      It's rotation and alignment are controlled by gyroscopic reaction wheels but actual vectored movement is by thrusters.

    Space junk wouldn't of been a problem for Mir, it would have just ploughed through it without so much as a blemish.

    In communist Russia, space junk avoid yoooooou.

    Best solution: moon base.

      With blackjack...and hookers?

        Forget the lunar lander and the blackjack. Ahh, screw the whole thing!

        Nah, forget the Blackjack

    SImple, get Chuck Norris to visit the ISS. The space Junk will run scared and clog some other planet

    If they're tracking 21,000 objects, why can't they put some robots up there to catch the objects and give them a 'push' down into the atmosphere (fiery destruction)?

      While they're at it, why can't they cure all disease and give us dinosaur butlers?


    "..that's it?.. that's your evasive maneuver?.. your just drifting lazily to the left!"

    The guys up there should take a spacewalk and push the incoming junk away.....

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