The Cheapest Places To Get Windows 8 [UPDATED]

An upgrade to Windows 8 Pro only costs $39.99 if you download it directly from Microsoft. If you want a boxed copy rather than a hefty download, the official price is $69.99, but shopping around can get you a much better price.

These are the offers we've seen so far.

  • Officeworks appears to have the cheapest deal, charging $48.72 according to catalogue advertising (though its web site lists the software for $68). Harris Technology also has the same price.
  • Harvey Norman and JB Hi-Fi both offer the upgrade for $58.
  • Big W is charging close to full price at $68, and Dick Smith is going the full $69.99.

All these deals require you to be running Windows XP, Vista or 7 and doing an in-place upgrade. (Pricing for standalone copies in Australia hasn't been officially announced; we'll update when it is.)

Update: Microsoft has confirmed that there's no official pricing for full install copies in Australia. Yes, you read that correctly.

If you spot any other good Windows 8 deals, let us know in the comments. (Remember also if you buy a new PC with Windows 7 on it, you can upgrade to Windows 8 for $14.99.)



    But what is the price for non-upgrade?

      Pretty sure I read today that the full version for new PC's isn't for sale yet. It's a Friday so I can't cite sources...

        Was able to pick up a copy from local IT store. The OEM/System Builder (product code WN7-00403) is definately for sale. Got it for $120. It is for both "System Builders" and "Personal Use" according to the packaging.

    I've just did a fresh install from the "upgrade" version - it didn't even ask for previous windows serial no

      Dont you need to have windows7 running with Upgrade assistant to get the upgrade version? Therefore proving you own windows7?

        I did run the upgrade assistant, but I downloaded the iso and use it for a clean install (new HDD - no trace of previous windows what-so-ever)

        The upgrade assistant sort of proof you have windows 7, but that's about it.

          All of this is speculation but I'm guessing you need to run the upgrade assistant on a unique copy of windows 7 for each windows 8 key you want (I assume it detects your windows 7 key and marks that copy as upgraded so you can't use it twice). Theoretically you could still get a fresh install on a different PC but the computer you purchased the upgrade through would then not be able to get its own update.

            I run the upgrade assistance twice and got 2 different windows 8 keys

        Not always. If you boot from disk, and select 'Advanced' Install, it won't know any better. Usually

      Well sorry but you just shot yourself in the foot. You MUST use the upgrade assistant. I did the same as you, and although it doesn't actually stop you doing a boot-time install, if you check your serial you will notice that your serial key entry in windows is blank. It soon starts bugging you to activate Windows, and when you try you will find it will not actually activate. The only remedy is to reinstall Win7 and use the upgrade assistant, you cannot simply reenter your key as it will say it is an upgrade key only and spit you back out.

        mine showing the serial key and said windows is activated

    Upgraded for $15 using the Upgrade Advisor last night. (laptop, not primary computer)

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      I'd like to point out this requires absolutely no proof of purchase at all! Fudge the date? $15 Windows!

        Yeah I noticed that when I did it on my laptop. I'm guessing it's easier to give away a few cheap copies to those who figure it out that police the system by hiring employees to validate receipts.

      How do you go about this? Searching the upgrade advisor there is only the old Win 7 one, that i could see.

      I'd also like to know how to do this! I can't seem to find a link to the upgrade advisor anywhere.

    This might be a stupid question but does anyone know if it is possible to set up a dual boot with the upgrade version? I don't know if I would want Win8 as my full-time OS. I would prefer a dual-boot with Win7.

      Why? Everything in WIn7 is still there in Win8, it would be like dual-booting between different themes.

        Well according to Upgrade Assistant there are 9 things that aren't compatible with Windows 8 on my current system, including Intel USB3 controller?

          Who listens to upgrade assistant? JUST DO IT!

            okay sweet thanks damien

              No seriously it's because you have an intel driver for the usb3 driver, but windows 8 has a driver for this, so it's saying these drivers won't work, but that doesn't mean the devices won't work. Win8 has heaps of built in drivers so yea.

                I've installed it on both m PCs now (for $15) and everything is working great, had to get the free product key for media centre for my tv card and reinstall virtual clonedrive but other than that its great.

        Lots of reasons. Two major ones being
        1) I am not sure a lot of the programs I use are compatible with Win8,
        2) My fiance also uses my computer for work stuff and she would be pretty pissed in having to relearn a bunch of things.
        But mostly I just want to have the option to cover all my bases.
        It's ok MM. We all know you think Win8 is the best thing since sliced bread. Some us are more cautious when it comes to messing with our main computer.

      By the sounds of things, you can do a clean install from the upgrade version, so you should be able to dual boot it. You going to try using Win 8 as your main OS for a week or something?

        Yeah that's what I was thinking when I head about people clean installing from the upgrade.
        Yeah the plan is to try it out and see how we go.
        If everything works well then awesome. But if I run into problems I have the option of going back to Win7. As mentioned above my fiance sometimes uses my computer as well and she might be pissed if I go making major changes to it. :)

      Just switch between desktop mode and the Start screen. Same effect without having to turn your computer off.

        Yeah I know. Still worried about compatibility issues though.

      Not a stupied question mate, im also keen to know this?
      Given that people are saying they have been able to run a fresh install from an upgrade DVD, it may be possible.

      @motormouth, sorry mate but untill im 100% sure all my software works on win8 and it wont cause me issue, im a bit dubious of dropping a great environment for a shit one again, after the horror that was xp to vista

        What horror? Turn off UAC and it was awesome. XP to Vista required all your 3rd party vendors to write new device drivers, Win8 does not. There will be no problems.

          The horror was Windows Vista. Even turning off UAC couldn't help the OS manage files or run smoothly. Windows 7 was the best thing since XP... let's hope 8 is just as good.

            You do realise that Windows 7 is really Windows 6.1, and Vista is 6.0? i.e. There are very, very few differences between Vista and Win7. Most of the changes are purely cosmetic, designed to make it look as different as possible. Underneath there is not much difference at all.

              Yeah but that 0.1 was the difference between an OS that was a pain to use and an OS I really like. The differences may not add up to much on paper and if you're tech savvy there are no major hurdles, but it's the most used program on my PC and it's impact ripples through everything I do. The little rough patches add up to a really uncomfortable experience when you use an OS every day.
              Windows 8 doesn't look bad, and most of the design changes that don't seem like my cup of tea are optional, but I'd rather play it safe and dual boot.

        Yeah agree completely. I don't want to be in a position where software I use a lot all of a sudden I can't use.

      You can create aVHD of the Win8 Disk, and create a dual boot menu option. I was doing that with a HP Elitebook 2760p. Google is your friend :)

        Oh, and I also had WinServer 2012 running as well, so triple boot ;)

          Sweet. Cheers mate.
          Yeah should have googled it but thought I would throw the question out to everyone here.
          There is a smarty bunch around here. Most of the time. ;)

    I wouldn't mind getting it on my laptop, as it's being a temperamental little prick right now. But I'm just worried about compatibility with my old stuff. It's Win 7 at the moment. Does anyone know if Win7 software will work fine on Win8?

      Yep, everything I've run so far works. That includes games, utilities, heck I've even got a copy of Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 from 2006 that still runs fine. Not much has changed on the desktop front in Windows 8, so there should be less compatibility problems as there were in previous releases of Windows.

      All mine does, from free utilities I've been using since XP, through to things like 3DS Max and Adobe CS4.

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      Works exactly the same. I have been running in on my main PC for a few months and I have virtual servers and heaps of software on it. I have had one blue screen and that was my fault as I has my bios on the wrong setting.
      I still find the start screen really jarring but thats because I don't use it. That could change when more apps show up for metro (or whatever they call it now)

        Thanks for the feedback everyone, that's what I was hoping. As long as 3DS Max and Photoshop work, then that's the main thing, but it's great to hear everything appears to be compatible.

    Download seems to be down...

    "The new Windows...coming soon
    A new era of PCs built for Windows 8 and Windows RT will be available shortly. You'll be able to buy and download Windows 8 Pro, or get the software package at online retailers and in stores.
    If you can't wait to find your next PC, check out our Tablet and PC buying guide.

    Come back soon—we can't wait either!"

    Oh, one more question. How do you download it?

    I clicked on 'Download Pro for $39.99' and it took me to a screen saying 'The new Windows...coming soon'

    I'd like to know the download size and a little more info, but I can't even get to a download page. Boo!

      First you download the 5mb Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant.

      Then you do it all through there and it downloads using that program to your PC. Judging by online forums you can slip it onto a USB or burn a DVD from it, but I haven't got that far yet. Mines at 50%.

      Also the $15 upgrade offer is easy to spoof.

        I get told that it is $39.99 if i run the upgrade assistant.
        Is this deal only if its running windows 7 or can I still spoof it somehow?
        - Just tried from my Win7 HTPC and same price.

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          Same with me, $39.99 when run from windows 7.

            Oh I see, you need to use to get the 15 dollar offer.

          You need to register here for an upgrade code first.
          Takes 30mins to an hour for the email to come through.

          You then purchase the $39 upgrade licence online, however after you put your payment details in, at the confirmation page you then enter your $15 code, and it reduces the price to $15.

          As for the upgrade deal page you could put the manufacturer as "Other", model as "I'd do" and retailer as "your mum" and it'll still work as long as you put the purchase date within the correct range.

    For anyone who's keen, you can also get Windows 8 Media Centre upgrade for free right now from Microsoft.

      yeah this seems to work so far. i've been billed for $15 and the download is happening. bit of a giant loop hole i have no doubt ms will jump on shortly. get on it.

        This isn't the $15 upgrade, this is the $10 media centre add-on for free.

    So you can upgrade to windows 8 on a pirated version of windows 7?

      It's $15. Give it a go.

        I'm a poor student >

          If you're doing an IT degree, you should really check to see if your institution provide free licences. My programming Ass. Degree scored me a free, full copy of Windows 7 Professional, apparently I could have claimed Windows 8 keys too, but my VM Ware ones only last a year, so I'm saving them for if I actually need them.

          Search for your campus and see what pops up, though you might need to ask a lecturer to get you set up for it.

          Can't afford the lousy 15 bucks but can afford an education, a computer and a 'net connection just fine?

          I'm no corporate shill, but even I think it's in poor taste to claim that being a student justifies piracy.

            I didn't want it to be a wasted 15 dollars if I couldn't use it. Get off your high horse mate.

              I think you'll be very happy if you give it a go ;-)

                Haha AzTech, did it last night. W8 working like a charm :)

                  yeah same got to sleep about 2am, man you can lose track of time search and trying out apps from the store.

                  Mind sharing how you bypass the xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx question during the validation? cheers

                  EDIT: It seems that the "error" on MS' side has been fixed, no matter which date you enter, it will ask for a win7 serial.

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    lol, Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant tells me "The touchscreen on this PC wasn't designed for Windows 8". Unusual as that's my 6 year old non touchscreen monitors it's talking about.
    Also says that demon tools is not comparable but I have had it running for a few months.

      Is it wrong?

        Yes, if you don't have a touchscreen the statement "The touchscreen on this PC wasn't designed for Windows 8" would be erroneous.

    IT students and faculty can download windows 8 for free using msdnaa
    Just search for "msdnaa *university name*" and log in with you student credentials and you get yourself a free download with serials for multiple versions

    "Sorry, Windows 8 isn't available for online purchase in the country/region you're in"

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

    Got my copy from office works really good value as it is only $8.72 more then online xD

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    The $15 upgrade worked even though I hadn't bought a pc recently. I use it on a mac dual boot so my windows 7 was not quite legit. The upgrade downloaded and installed no problem. :-)

    Does anyone know if the $15 upgrade offer allows you to burn to disc etc, for reinstall after? My plan is to install it and if i like it i will be investing in an ssd drive so will want a fresh install on that.

      Allows you to burn an ISO and make a bootable USB.

      Burnt myself a backup DVD and put it on my USB3 stick :)

        how did you do that? where do you find the downloaded content?

          The upgrade advisor gave me the option of creating media or just upgrading using the program. You might need to choose the "I don't want to keep anything" option first, I can't remember which stage it was at.

            okay cool that must have been it as I did the upgrade and kept all my files and applications so I didn't get that option.

    "Update: Microsoft has confirmed that there’s no official pricing for full install copies in Australia. Yes, you read that correctly."

    While a pain, you can go get the cheapest OEM copy of XP, 7 or Vista that you can find and then upgrade that.

    How about get off your high horse?
    I too am making the transition from pirated win 7 to legal win8
    i find your comment quite stupid as you're having a go at someone trying to change from piracy to legitimacy.

    also your prioritization is retarded. education > operating systems, something had to give in this guys budget

    Don't you think they will cancel your cd key after verifying the information?

    on the 15 dollar deal.

    had a 'dodgy' version of win7, upgraded to win8 for $15 as described in the comments here and it worked perfectly!! Thankyou! Now to figure out my way around it :)

      it was for win 8 pro as well.. but i think thats because i was running win7 pro. but at $15 its literally a steal!

    My MYOB stopped working after upgrading to win8. I've had to install win7 on a virtual machine to get my MYOB. Tried getting support but MYOB must have 2 support staff.

    I have purchased a second hand laptop which has windows 7 but I need to upgrade to windows 8 for my daughters high school requirements. Is it true I can upgrade for $15??? or do I need to purchase a boxed copy to do this.. obviously I am not the smartest with these things. Could someone please answer this question for me!!!

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