Subliminal Flickering Extends TV Ads To Your Phone

The idea of an interactive TV experience where additional information about a show or a product could be simultaneously accessed on another device has been tossed around for a while. But Fujitsu's new subliminal transmission technology might finally make it an easy and unobtrusive reality.

Instead of visual cues like on-screen QR codes, which can be distracting, the company has developed a system where data is encoded into the rapid flashing of a display's brightness. It's completely imperceptible to the human eye, but a smartphone's camera is easily able to detect and decode the signal, launching specific websites or downloading additional content. It's claimed to work up to almost three metres away, takes just a few seconds for a signal to be shared, and a user can point their smartphone anywhere at the screen.

The only drawback might be the need for a subtle on-screen cue indicating when additional content might be available. Oh, and that it's another way for marketers to suck every last bit of disposable income from your savings account.

[Engadget via Newlaunches]

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