Steve Jobs Wanted Google Search Eradicated From iOS

Bloomberg Businessweek's analytical dissection of Apple post-iPhone 5 launch is mostly full of things we already knew: Tim Cook is different to Steve Jobs. Apple is still doing phenomenally well. Everyone hates Apple Maps. But one thing that stood out was the fact that Steve Jobs was so incensed with Google that he not only wanted to remove Maps from iOS, but also Google search. Whoa.

In discussing the assembling of Scott Forstall's Apple Maps team, Businessweek had the following to say:

At the time of his death, Jobs had come to loathe Google, which he felt was copying features of the iPhone while withholding a key feature of Google Maps that allows smartphones to dictate turn-by-turn directions aloud. Jobs also discussed pulling Google search from the iPhone, but figured that customers would reject that move, according to two former Apple executives.

It's probably safe to assume that the motivation to remove the YouTube app came from a similar place.

But that's not the only juicy piece of info: Apparently, Apple is shelling out $US2 million a month to keep its Senior Vice President of Hardware Bob Mansfeld around as an advisor. Mansfeld was ready for retirement, but rumblings of internal strife with Mansfeld's successor, Mark Riccio, caused Cook to reevaluate plans. Hardware is Apple's cash cow, after all.

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    i would love for Apple to remove google search from their phones.

    Maybe with Apple search, when you look for "mobile phone" it will only show you the iPhone 5 search results.

    Or maybe it will show you a house.

      Yes, and a search for the word 'apple' would take you to Apple records - the Beatles' record site. After all, the original Apple name and logo belonged to the Beatles.

    it doesn't matter what Steve Jobs wanted for iOS or OSX or anything apple related anymore. I'm not sure if you have heard. He's dead.

      With all the recent news about him I thought that maybe he'd reincarnated as himself already.

        No one got around to creating reincarnation before Jobs died so he wasn't able to steal it, rebadge it and claim Apple invented it.

      Not necessarily true at all:

        Just because he drew up a plan does not mean it is going to be followed.

          And just because you can formulate a retort, doesn't mean it's relevant to the conversation at hand... I was merely pointing out that his influence MAY still be felt at Apple, in reference to the statement by rukus that what he wanted is completely irrelevant now that he's dead. I didn't say it definitely would be followed to the letter, just that his lingering influence at the company can't be ruled out.

    He was right, at least AFAIC, I would have dropped the iPhone in a heartbeat if they removed Google search and replaced it with Yahoo (to whom they outsource their weather on the native app).

      which is why it is about as accurate as a physically blind person playing darts whilst on acid

    Does Jesus get a bonus each time that image is used?

    Also, I am going to post a link to this story every time somebody says that either
    A) Steve would be rolling in his grave over maps
    B) Steve would never let maps get released

    Steve Jobs seemed to have a blind rage against Google and I think he would have released maps.

      Steve Jobs would be rolling in his grave because he would never let maps get released ... as it is now.

      Link away.

        You're already on the article, that could potentially cause a black hole or something ;)

        I honestly think that Steve Jobs would have released the maps exactly as it is now. Steve was around when the original MobileMe was launched so he isn't immune to releasing bad software.

        I think he would have handled the negativity differently. If Steve was around he'd somehow spin it so Google was the bad guy and Apple was the victim.

        I honestly think that if some senior exec came to Steve and said "We can get rid of Google maps, but our version isn't perfect yet" he would go ahead with it just to be rid of Google. His hatred for Google overpowered his inner perfectionist.

        At the end of the day neither of us knew Steve (I am guessing you didn't) so we can't really say what would have happened.

    i kind of want to read his biography to see for myself just how much of a psycho he was, but then i think eeeewwww

    Well, there is always Bing.

      Well according to 2/3 blinded people that would have been a win.

      I read on another site reporting this story that Bing was actually the option they were looking at and they were in talks with Microsoft regarding it. Yahoo wouldn't have been the replacement.

    This provides a bit of extra context. Clearly turn-by-turn is a bigger issue than we might have thought. I had long suspected that the reason we didn't have it in the iPhone was because of some sweetheart deal done between Apple and some of the third party providers but clearly it's not that - it's because Google has been holding out on them. If this is the case I can understand their frustration. Maybe, bad as Apple Maps is, it was the only way for iPhone users to get native turn-by-turn. In which case, better it is released ASAP so that it can get better ASAP. What Apple need to do now though is plough a large chunk of their mega profits into making it better. Much better, much faster.

    One thing this tells me is that even if Google do release an iOS maps app, it probably won't have turn-by-turn. Still, at last we'd get street view back...

      WTF Jobs throws a hussy fit cause Google wouldn't share turn by turn navigation. What a fucking cop out. The Turtlenecked baby had a tanty cause Google wouldn't give Apple free "innovation"

      I'm guessing any Google app will have turn by turn. If you have read other stories, apparently it wasn't so much that Google wouldn't give them turn by turn but they couldn't agree on the conditions of it. Apparently Google wanted integration of Google Latitude as well as Google branding in either the app or the OS. Apple wasn't willing to meet them on those terms (more than fair enough IMHO).

      If Google makes their own app, they will be free to include Latitude integration and branding as they see fit, so if the previous stories are accurate then that won't hold them back. Additionally, they will now be competing with Apple in the mapping segment so there will be more motivation to include such features as they want people using the app so they can collect revenue through it. Previously their main competition were players like TomTom and Navigon with their $60+ apps, so there wasn't much to compete with. Apple having a baked in solution mixes things up radically.

    I think they could have done maps better by partnering with a well established map maker/map app maker rather than goin it solo. True they have had some input from external sources but an exclusive app would have knocked your socks off. Maybe it's something to do with the existing Google contract that still has a few months to run.

    Wait wait wait:

    "which he felt was copying features of the iPhone while withholding a key feature of Google Maps that allows smartphones to dictate turn-by-turn directions aloud."

    So, he though Google was copying the iPhone (which may be true) and was also angry Google withheld technology/code that allowed only Android phones therefore to use turn-by-turn on GOOGLE'S OWN MAPS THEY PAID MILLIONS TO DEVELOP.

    I liked the man's vision and innovation, but JEEZ he could be a hypocrite at times....

      He was a hypocrit at times, but I don't feel that statement reflects that at all. Both OS are quite vast in their capabilities and I'd say that "Google copied them" and "Google held back functionality" aren't statements that have to conflict with one another.

        I disagree. I think they do conflict- Apple expected Google to give them everything, when Google were struggling as it was to differentiate Android without Apple clawing all over them, even though it WAS entirely original. Turn-by-Turn navigation was a KILLER feature to add free to a smartphone and I don't have any problem with Google holding it back for Android only as a big differentiation for people that use their phone as a GPS.

        Meanwhile, Apple were not only trying to kick their ass for egregious copying, which they've never proven (of Android), but ALSO insisting they be given access to something Google had every right to hold back AS something to differentiate themselves and their OS. Apple appeared to want to take with one hand and steal with the other.

    Never mind that the YouTube app seems to have gone in ios6. Google owns it.

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