Steve Ballmer Has Gotten Much, Much Better At Microsoft Ads

This is Steve Ballmer, 2012, pitching Windows Phone 8 with serenity, emotion and conviction. It’s pretty good!

Below is Steve Ballmer, 1986, hawking Windows 1.0 to an unsuspecting public with enough verve and spittle to wake (and terrify) the dead. It’s pretty awful!

So well done, Steve Ballmer. A few more years and you’ll be right up there with Mayhem.


    That $99 ad was a spoof that was for internal humour (christmas party?) and never actually shown to the public. Am I correct?
    But yes, the Windows Phone ad above hits the nail on the head, is so very very awesome.

    I was prepared to cringe, like I always do with everything that Ballmer's in. That was actually very good. They should actually run this as a national ad

      Yea, I'm usually a bit wary of his over-eagerness, but this was pretty smooth. Shows the tile's off bloody well. General users would understand most of the generic references.

    Surely that old ad was meant to be a parody? The new one is actually extremely good. Without leaving the main screen, it shows a wealth of information. Yes, it's all a set-up but it's quite a compelling set-up, isn't it?

    *has sudden urge to buy $99 windows*

    Why run it with Ballmer though? Hardly relatable or recognisable to the Average Joe. Based on his track record in ads you'd think he'd let his ego go to one side and pay a celeb.

      It could work on 2 levels.
      He looks like an average guy, so he could just be a spokes person to the general public.
      For those that know who he is or those that want to find out he's the CEO of Microsoft.

      No where in that ad does it mention his surname or title. EDIT: The calander has a reference to 'The Balmer Boys'.
      It's even referred to as Steve's phone.

      Last edited 31/10/12 11:34 am

      It works precisely for all those reasons. The ad gets you in before they reveal who is speaking. If you don't know who he is, it is still just as effective. If you do know who he is, it just adds another layer and makes it seem even more clever. If you can't think outside the box, you should really change your handle.

        Yeah having Steve Balmer in a Microsoft ad is thinking outside the box... nice going moron

    If they can make a Galaxy Note 2 with windows 8 I might be interested as it looks pretty good. A lot more sensible than windows 8 for desktop that's for sure.

      This based, of course, on your own first-hand experience of using the Windows 8 desktop, right?

        MotorMouth to anyone with a differing opinion on Windows 8 "get off my lawn!"

    Should've been a nokia phone given their tie-up of sorts with them, but decent ad.

    Why have I never had reversi on my windows machines :(

    Ballmer better, really? Only because the benchmark has passed away.

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