S**t Android Fanatics Say

We're all about balance here at Gizmodo, and I can't in good conscience let this video pass-by without a post about it, seeing as how we've already had S**t Apple Fanatics Say. So, in the interest of balance, fairness and hilarity, here is S**t Android Fanatics Say.

This video comes from the guys at Mobile Phone Finder, so it's Australian-made fun.

How many of these things have you said before? [YouTube]


    "We’re all about balance here at Gizmodo" - Funniest thing I have read all week!

    While the guy is supposed to sound like a little S**t he actually has some really good points.


      I don't get why it's funny. I'm not trying to be facetious - are you implying they're unbalanced, and if so, in what direction? Half the readers think Giz is pro-Android, the other pro-Apple. Funnily enough, I feel that makes them rather balanced.

        I disagree. I would say half the readers are anti-Android, half are anti-Apple, and the other half are anti-Microsoft. The remaining half are sitting on the fence.

        BTW, I thought it was funny!

        To be clear I'm not talking about readers, I'm talking about the stories on GIZ.


    As an Android user that is quite funny. Though I don't really understand the whole gibberish thing...did they run out of things android users say?

    Also, none of the things the guy mentions are actually bad...just putting that out there ;)


      The video is more about the guy acting weird than the valid comments he makes about the OS.

        Pretty much everything he said was valid... they just all seemed like good points to me >_> If I saw that and the Apple one next to each other I'd be more inclined to buy android :D

      they're not bad, they're just inconsequential and everyone's just sick of listening to them. Just as much as Apple fanatics or any other fanatics.

      +1 yup definitely ran out of things to say... probably didn't know enough android users to pick up on all the stuff we say... there definitely more things.

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    The guy had mostly legitimate points about why android and android phones are objectively better. Thus I disagree with the title.

      So you agree with the points he's making but don't agree that it is s**t android fanatics say??

        "S**t that iPhone users do because they can't handle hearing that there is anything better than an iPhone"

          That would be a terrible title to this video you don't see iPhone users doing anything in it.

    It missed the one I say the most though kinda eluded to it:

    "At least when my 'Droid has a design flaw, the manufacturer doesn't tell me that it's my fault because I'm "not using it the right way""

      They kinda did it in the whole "full reception" bit, but I agree, I expected that as well.

    hahaha that was actually pretty funny. I'm confused as to what shit they were referring to in the heading. The only shit I heard was the gibberish that was coming out. Other than that; they were only facts. STANDARD MICRO USB CABLE!!!

    The funniest point is when he lifts the front cover of the Apple magazine and says "Even the magazine is twice the price" LOL!

    As an android user I have said a few of these things myself, guilty as charged!

    Hahaha at least when you type hahaha on an apple it doesn't 'suggest' bananas ...... oh sh1t now they know I'm using android.

    Half of it was funny, the other half was just annoying. not as well done as the iphone ones

    I watched both videos. The android one was funny the apple one was soo crap I stopped it 1min in. And I'm an apple person... I'd love to swap if only google gave me credit for all the hundreds I spent on apps from apple store over the years...

      My experience making the transition was that all of those apps I'd paid for had good or better free equivalents on both platforms. I think I've spent less than $10 on Android apps, and I use my phone for work.

      It's a small price to pay really. plus the value of apps you're forgoing is nothing compared to the money spent monthly on handset & voice/data charges

    Haha.. what's funny about this video is that the quality of the jokes, the quality of the production and quality overall is like the quality of Android.. :)

      So does that mean that this
      is the like the quality of Apple products?

    The funniest thing about this video is the fact some of the people commenting on it don't seem to realise that, like the apple fanboy vid, it's not so much about what they actually say, but the fact they sound like a pretentious douche while saying it. Android fanboys are equally as bad as the Apple fanboys they complain about.

      Except the Apple Fanatics video really did sprout sh*t. Such as "It's only a $50 cable from Apple!" The best they could come up with in this was "Standard micro USB man!".

      Both may have made a point about the pretentious way the fanatics say these things, but the fact remains that barely anything said in this vid was actually what you'd call "sh*t", it was mostly all fact and valid points as to why the platform is better. You can't say that about the Apple video.

        It wasn't facts, just opinions. For instance, many people would consider Nokias to have the best cameras, and they're NOT Android phones. And not everyone wants a larger screen; some of us use our phones for running, and having something that's nearly tablet size on their arm isn't all that appealing to a lot of people.
        People should get the phone that best suits their needs. For some reason, people feel the need to get all fanboy-ish over one brand or the other, and these videos just show that ALL fanboys look like idiots.

          "It's only a $50 cable from Apple!" is an opinion? Shite I let my girlfriend get ripped off hard.

    I have yet to find an Android user who relentlessly pushes their tech onto everyone around them like some kind of religion where your either with them or against them.

      So you obviously never read the comments on any article about any topic at Gizmodo

    Why did I find that funnier than the Apple vid?

    Seriously, If I knew anyone that whiney about anything they'd need to be locked away...a time loop maybe.

      ugh. unfortunately they do exist.

    That gibberish at the very end will possibly become a popular ringtone and/or message alert. Maybe it is already?

    Guilty as charged. The reason I'm with android for a phone is the customisation and live widgets. When I pick up my iPad the iOS user interface seems lifeless, dull, very vanilla and has the same look and feel it did when it was released in 2007 on the iPhone. I can change the look and feel anytime I want with android and when I upgrade there is always something new to explore. My ipad is for web browsing and iTunes purchases. Unfortunately iOS is like flipping through that 20 year old beige filing cabinet that's been sitting in the dark corner of your office too long, trusty but boring.

    I want to see a S**t Windows Phone Users say video.

    "Tiles are better than widgets"
    "I don't mind that I don't get Windows Phone 8, because I get most of the features anyway"
    "There are more than enough apps available"

      You mean S#*^ THE Windows phone USER says lol

      Just collect Motormouths posts and there's the clip done.

      Or even better S#^* Blackberry users used to say (there are none now)

      In all seriousness, its just like the Apple one. Both sides have over zealous fanboys. Every time I update I look at what's available. I went from a iPhone 3G to iPhone 4. Am thinking of Lumina 920, but the GS3 doesn't do it for me. It's a sweet phone, but its not for me.

    Almost 100% spot on with everything, apart from the "cheap" part unfortunately- with all the multiple levels of device, general user commentary on price isn't universal, unlike all the other stuff which applies equally to all fandroids.

    "We’re all about balance here at Gizmodo".... Jokes right?

    There is about 6 to 7 apple articles for every article on a different platform.

      Apple release a lot at usually fairly well timed events. It's impossible to not cover them without just looking like a bad tech site. Take the American articles that filter through and the Aussie spins for local plans, price and coverage, it goes up, but it doesn't scream bias. Less so these previous two releases even.

    I love it! I have two Droid phones, and I love them.

    I sympathize with the authors every time they post up anything up, they have to deal with god damn "Fanboy Keyboard Warriors". Get over it, it's just a god damn device no matter what brand it is.

    There wasn't enough android fan-bashing. If this was made 2 years ago it'd just be someone defending all of androids many shortfalls. As an android fan, i want to be ridiculed as an android fan.
    The S3 ad that showed fans bagging out people lining up for the iPhone 5 did a better job of mocking Android supporters.

    also "It's not copying if it's BETTER!"

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