Space-Saving Kitchen Appliance Cubes Fit Together Like Lego

If you're stuck with a small kitchen, you can usually save space with multi-purpose appliances that embody the jack of all trades, master of none spirit. Or, you can wait until October when Princess' brilliant Compact4All stackable kitchen appliances finally hit the market.

Measuring just under eight inches on each side, the set of four appliances are designed as standalone cubes that easily stack on each other like building blocks. So you can safely store them in two stacks that take up half their combined footprint. Or be really risky and stack all four in one pile to really free up some counter space. There's no pricing details just yet, but hopefully you can purchase the toaster, kettle, juicer, and coffee maker as separate items. Although, their unique design is really only useful when you've got more than one of them in your kitchen.

[Princess Household Appliances via HomeChunk via homebuildlife]



    I'd easily use 3 of them right now. The coffee maker...not so much, but the other half loves the stuff, so win win i guess.

    Where does the steam go from the kettle? It looks like a condensation haven in there. With a severe mould allergy, I think that would be bad news for me!

    Nice idea though. I could use the top two, but it kind of defeats the purpose a bit. Maybe they will foist some other types of appliances into the form factor.

    Um no you cant stack four on top, juicer and toaster need top access.

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