Sony's Surface Competitor, The Vaio Duo 11, Gets An Australian Price Tag

Sony scored a relative slam dunk at this year's IFA, releasing some awesome gadget swag. Included in the grab bag of laptops, cameras and tablets is the Sony Vaio Duo 11 -- a slide-up convertible tablet running Windows 8. So how much is it for Australia, and what are the final specs?

When we went hands-on with the Vaio Duo 11, we were suitably impressed. It's a light, easy to use Windows 8 (read: not RT) tablet that's good enough for work and play. It's got a great viewing angle and the handwriting and pen integration rivals that of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.

It sports an 11.6-inch (1920x1080, 1080p Opticontrast) panel with an Intel Core i5 chip with a clock speed of 1.7GHz (and can be Turbo Boosted to 2.6GHz), 64-bit Windows 8, 128GB of solid state storage, integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000, 2GB of RAM and a writing digitiser. It's a serious little machine.

So how much are you paying for all this? Sony's website has it listed at $1499 -- a curious price considering that it still has the form factor of a tablet. What you're likely paying for is the specs under the hood.

It's available from Sony's website for pre-order right now.

Is the Vaio Duo 11 your type of convertable?



    Really only 2Gb of ram? For the price we should see at least 4Gb for the price.

    I really like the design of these though, with the concealed keyboard. It's a step in the right direction!

      No, it comes standard with 4Gb, as per the specs on Sony's site.

    Windows has fallen from it's place of being THE OS to another OS, while Macs have become the de-facto standards. So when a 13" MacBook ( ) is available for $1349 with 4GB RAM, and 2.5GHz Dual-core Intel Core i5, Turbo Boost up to 3.1GHz why would I want this 11" device, just for the touch screen? An iPad provides all of that.

    Windows 8 is a sandbox with practically no backwards compatibility, rendering all of my windows software and games, etc useless. Rosetta was removed from Mac OSX gradually not in one swoop. The only charm of Windows 8 will be if they are cheaper than the iPad and offer more in terms of hardware and software than the iPads. Otherwise in my books, Microsoft is losing it. Alienating their customers and kicking them out along with their partners to make money is gonna backfire on them big time.

      It's no RT, it has an Intel processor, it can do more or less anything a Windows PC/Mac can do. You're paying more because it's a premium product from a premium brand.

      You are wrong.

      Odd, Windows is far more common than Mac OS
      Odd, all my Windows 7 apps and games still work in Windows 8. Most of them date back to XP days

        Yeah, I had to prepare a graphic for a Windows-bashing segment on Today this morning, which shows that Windows has declined from it's historical high of being 60 times more popular than MacOS, in the early years of this century, to now only being 16 times more popular. How on Earth will MS survive with such a slim margin?

      "Windows has fallen from it's place of being THE OS to another OS, while Macs have become the de-facto standards. "


      "Windows 8 is a sandbox with practically no backwards compatibility, rendering all of my windows software and games, etc useless."

      Also untrue.

      Yes, let's ignore the MBAir's pathetic 1366x768 screen and lack of touch interface, shall we? In any event, Sony laptops have always been just as over-priced as Apple's, so it's hardly surprising they have priced it at the high end of the market.

      Windows 8 is 100% backwards-compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista and WindowsXP. You don't need new device drivers, new installers or updates to any of your existing software. All your "windows software and games" will continue to work as they have in previous versions, only better. You can install Win8 as an upgrade to your current version of Windows and your desktop and everything else will be exactly as it was.

    I agree, but RAM is dirt cheap. I'd also want to see a better processor, something like a 2.3ghz with a turbo boost to 3.0ghz and at least a 256GB SSD. The article says "It’s a serious little machine." But it really isn't. especially not for that price.

      For it's form factor, the ram might be soldered onto the logic board, which would make it not upgradeable.

    It is 4GB RAM. There is also an i7 8GB 256GB SSD version as well.

      Awesome, but $2400!

        Yeah, what a joke! I'd be really interested in this machine if it was priced under $2000 but at twice what I paid for my Zenbook, it just doesn't add up.

    The hybrid touch/key tech is interesting but its so new that the price doesn't match the product. In 6-18 months post surface launch I would expect to see competing devices such as this come down in price drastically. Remember the first iteration of a product generally isn't the best one...

    Glad I went for the surface instead of this.. I could get two surfaces for the price of that sony! (Yes I know the specs aren't the same blah blah)

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