Scott Forstall Was Forced Out Because He Wouldn't Apologise For Apple Maps

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, Scott Forstall was asked to leave Apple after he "refused to sign his name to a letter apologising for shortcomings" in Apple Maps. Forstall had wanted to address the situation of Apple Maps without apologising to the public, like Apple has done in the past. Tim Cook, however, felt an apology was needed, and now Forstall is out at Apple.

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Forstall, who had been at Apple for 15 years, was in charge of all things iOS at Apple and thus directly responsible for recent disappointing products like Apple Maps and Siri. There have been reports of him clashing with other Apple executives because he was notoriously difficult to work with and "never fit into the culture of Apple," according to a WSJ source. The Apple Maps fiasco and refusing to apologise was likely the final straw.

If you remember, the apology (which was eventually signed by Tim Cook) was unique for Apple in that it actually suggested competing products for users to download. Seeing Forstall, who was a Steve Jobs protege, get pushed out by Cook because he wouldn’t take ownership of screwing Apple Maps up reveals a tiny glimpse of how Apple is now run under Tim Cook’s steady hand. Things done changed. [WSJ]



    By taking some accountability for his errors, Scott could perhaps have forestalled his termination.

    It's already starting to happen, Apple is slowly beginning to weaken from the inside-out. I knew this was gonna happen after Steve Job's death, Apple is losing that momentum they once rode upon to the top of success.

    The other industry giants are starting to catch up with them, have you see the latest ultrabooks & tablets? They're practically on par with Apple's products, many of which look almost identical too.

    Apple seriously needs to do something extraordinary to prove the world that they are still have their A-Game.

      By "something" do you mean "sell tens of millions of iphones and ipads"?

      I know is kind of fun to kick any of the big guys when the stuff up but US$8.2 billion net profit in Q3 2012 is the definition of "A-Game".

        They are only still riding on their past success.. not creating new success is what he means.

        Yes they sold lots but look at the percentage of the market of items sold recently and you can see that sales are sliding in comparison.

          Funny. Apples computer market has risen 7% each year, for the past 4 years, while every other PC manufacturer sales have fallen over that same period. How do you explain that? Thats not including iPads, iPods or iPhones.

            Easy - your statistics are wrong. Worldwide, Apple's share is less than 7%.

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    "was a Steve Jobs' protege", "at Apple for 15 years", "in charge of all things iOS" and yet they claim he never fitted into the culture of Apple. Are they kidding? By the sounds of it he WAS Apple.

      maybe that's the real reason he got pushed out. not that maps wasn't bad enough to do the job.

    Apparently Jobs liked him and kept him safe.

    couldn't have said it better Arvo

    He should be fired for Siri and Apple Maps (if that's what he really got fired for)

    Apple Maps?? Siri??? Google don't hire this guy.

    I don't understand the picture on this article.

      Hahaha, I'm glad someone else pointed it out.

    Hire this guy just to piss apple off lol

      Why would they get pissed off? They gave him the sack...

    So this guy was pushed out of Apple for Maps? Didn't Apple have 1 more year on the contract agreement with Google on Google Maps? If so, then its Top level management's fault for deciding to go with Maps..... i.e. Tim Cook's fault.... he should have made the decision to stick with GMaps for 1 more year first instead of forcing the adoption of a half-baked app.

      Apart from Cook, Scott Forstall was as high up as anyone else in the company. Besides, it wasn't just maps, it was his response to the issue and the fact he didn't get along with people inside the company. He may have been close to Jobs, but he is no longer around and apparently some heavy weights such as Ive and Bob Mansfeld won't go to meetings with Scott unless Tim Cook is there to mediate.

      Even if the Maps fiasco hadn't happened, something likely had to be done.

      No, google was deliberately gimping maps on iOS. Apple made the decision to make their own, they had little choice. No turn by turn directions, or vector maps, or 3D mapping. Scott Forstall was challenged to do this over 12 months ago. He obviously didn't get it right in time for iOS 6. Either the time line was too short, or he failed to see the short fall. It went live on his approval. He wears the fallout. Its called business.

    With Apple, sales are more important than innovation these days. Sales are more important than selling products that work properly.

    Apple's a has been, kinda like Blackberry.

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    Hope he didn't use apple maps to find the parking lot!

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