Rumourmodo: Apple Using Retail Store Employees To Fix Maps?

MacRumors claims that Apple is "turning to select Retail Store employees to help improve Maps for iOS 6". What a genius idea!

The rumour site says that multiple sources "indicated that participating stores will dedicate 40 hours of staff time per week, distributed among a number of employees, to manually examine Apple's mapping data in their areas and submit corrections and improvements."

They don't provide any more details except that one of the employees will be designated "a subject matter expert to oversee the team and receiving training on how the team will operate". A Maps Genius, folks.

How effective can this be? And how would this fix Maps' biggest fault -- its crappy search engine? It's dumber than a cobblestone. The other day a friend asked for restaurants while driving across Hollywood, Florida, and it showed restaurants of Hollywood, California -- over the map of Hollywood, Florida.

But perhaps there's no other way to improve the maps except to manually fix the database. I was thinking that Apple should buy Garmin, but according to our own Maps Genius Kyle Wagner, Garmin uses Teleatlas, which TomTom owns. And Apple uses TomTom already, so that wouldn't work. [ MacRumors ]



    If the maps were working the way it is meant to then I can see benifits doing this but only for things like land marks, food/bar, common names, places to go and other things like that

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    That Apple should not use any of its own resources to fix a broken app is a genius idea???

    Google maps had a bad habit of doing that too. It has more than once given me locations in the eastern states and several in England when I've been searching for things in Perth.

    Really what the maps app needs is more people putting data into it, so this is only a good thing.

      Yeah, but its Perth. It probably thought that you wanted to leave that hole.

    I can't see how iOS6 Maps can be so godawful if they use TomTom's database. They're arguably not the absolute best, but TomTom is still pretty good for roads, POIs etc.

      Their search algorithm. The maps are....ok, but searching them is useless, sending you to areas you've never heard of because the algorithm doesn't work properly.

    I asked it for KFC in Kew Victoria. Google maps works. Apple maps relocated me to South Africa!

    Has anyone heard anything about when we get turn by turn?

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