Report: Apple's Trying To Wean Itself Off Of Samsung's Chips

While Apple and Samsung have been duking it out over patents, there's always been the quiet, underlying irony that Samsung makes a whole bunch of the chips Apple relies on. Now, according to reports from CNET and MacRumors, Apple's trying to change that.

It's not exactly surprising. Apple already hired a big chip designer out from under Samsung. Now they're just taking the next steps.

As an industry source put it to CNET:

"The Apple-Samsung relationship has deteriorated to such a poor point that they're just looking to fill contractual obligations, then make a change."

That change, it seems, is moving to the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company at 20 nanometers, a company that no doubt considers the giant's business a huge boon. There are also rumours that Apple and Intel have been in talks when it comes to more advanced 14 nanometer production, though that seems further off.

A change like this doesn't happen in an instant because it's such a huge shift, but that makes it all the more noteworthy that it's starting. If you thought Apple and Samsung were just going to kiss and make up, you were probably a bit deluded from the start, but this just goes to show that the rift is ever-widening. [CNET, MacRumors]



    this means that the mess of court battles and ad campaigns are going to get uglier and uglier as the two companies need not hold anything back
    Well I'm sick of all the fighting! Can't we all just get along!?

    Dont worry apple, now I have even less reason to like or buy your products. Atleast samsung manufacturers some of the highest quality computer components, good to know they wont be wasted on apple products.

      Sounds like you wouldnt have bought them anyway so bit of a moot point.

    Perhaps you might like to consider using the word "from" rather than "off of". That expression is rather unwieldy to say the least. Homer voice, "I hate it sooo much!" Please :-(

      What difference does it make to the story? Just read it and leave the grammar to the school teachers!

        Leave the grammar to the school teachers?!
        This is a journalist article. It should be the epitome of wielding language and prose, not the utter diatribe that seems to pass for written word of late.


    With Apple gleefully suing for anything, frivolous or otherwise, I wouldn't do anything beyond contractual obligations either. And I note that Apple poaching staff from Samsung is not been described negatively (as it should be).

      Why? Companies poach all the time. If Apple has a better offer for the staff then I don't see a problem...the guys in the focus will benefit a lot from it either by moving to Apple or having leverage to get raises from Samsung.

    'Off of' is acceptable now? what about 'from'?

    Good idea Apple, the thought of removing yourselves from successful quality companies is a great idea. Look at how well your new maps worked out. Can’t wait for the iPhone 6 alpha.

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