Report: 32GB Nexus 7, Nexus 4, Android 4.2 To Appear At Google Event

Google has a surprise coming up on October 29, and now we might know what it is. All of it. According to reports by The Next Web, it includes a 3G Nexus 7, Android 4.2, the new LG Nexus and maybe even some 10-inch tablet talk.

An unnamed source revealed to The Next Web that Google has been sending around a video relating to the October 29 announcement, and apparently this little clip spills the beans. What beans you ask? A whole bunch of them.

  • On the Nexus 7 front, Google is reported to finally be revealing the 32GB Nexus 7 we've all been hearing so much about. In addition to your standard model, there will also be a HSPA+ (3G) model, which is turning me green with envy.
  • When it comes to bigger tabs, sources confirm Google has been working with Sony on a 10-incher that's currently going by the codename "Manta" and probably ultimately called the Nexus 10. Probably. It will run Android 4.2 (Key Lime Pie) and rock a 2560x1600 display, which could boast more pixels per inch than the iPad. Whether this tab will just be announced or actually show up at the event is still up for grabs.
  • Then there's the long-rumoured LG Nexus 4, which will apparently live up to the hypothesised specs with a quad-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB storage, 4.7-inch 1280x768 display and an 8MP rear-facing camera. Naturally, as a Nexus, it will also get Android 4.2.
  • Lastly, there's the juice about Android 4.2 itself. Apparently, it will support panoramic photos with horizontal or vertical movement by default (take that iOS!) as well as multi-user functionality, aimed at facilitating tablet-sharing among families.

That's quite the meaty selection of rumours, and we'll have to wait until October 29 to see how they all play out, but you can bet we'll be there and ready to beam all that goodness back to you. Here's to hoping it's all as good as it sounds like it might be. [The Next Web]


    This is just the sort of innovation Apple's ludicrous patents may stifle.

      Which part of that whole list is innovation? If this were an apple event and products, this is what would've been said by android fans:
      Nexus 7 is just a storage and cell bump. Should've been there from the beginning
      Sony tablet screen has already been done in the 10 inch form factor. Too many pixels anyway.
      Lg nexus is just a spec bump.
      Wooo a panorama mode. Even my Nokia n95 had that.
      This sounds ridiculous of course, but lets think a bit before we spew the word innovation on any post with android.
      It will be interesting though to see how lg goes with a nexus. And it's about time android beat the iPad on screen numbers.

        But you can pretty much almost omit the word innovation when it comes to apple.

          I think the word innovation is the only thing you can say to describe Apple, they've never actually invented anything they've just innovated what was already available. Like a chef doesn't invent new ways to cook but brings previously available ingredients and methods together in new and unique ways. An artist doesn't invent a new paint brush or canvas etc...

    If the 32GB and to a point 3G rumours true... For sale, near new 16Gb WiFi Nexus 7 :(

    I'm not so sold on a Nexus phone made by LG though.

      You never know, they could offer a reasonable "trade-in" if you have a 16GB WiFi model.

    Its more about software then hardware these days I think an LG nexus will rock so will the new Samsung HD nexus tablet

      Yeah, Snapdragon processors are pretty fast cpus and at that speed and ram, coupled with android 4.2... I'm sure it will be a pretty awesome phone. Especially with some custom rom goodness!

    I kind of want a Nexus 10, assuming the price is good.

    "sources confirm Google has been working with Sony on a 10-incher "

    I thought the rumours state that they were working with Samsung? Not Sony?

      Possibly both?

      I think it is a different vendor which each iteration of Nexus

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