Removable Armrest Lapdesks Make This Sofa The Ideal Home Office

On those rare occasions you get to work from home you know you should stay perched at a desk for reasons of posture and productivity. But the allure of your living room sofa is just too strong, particularly Kibuc's Connect sofa which seems specifically designed as the most comfortable office you'll ever find.

Besides flanking the sofa's big comfy cushions with compact bookshelves suitable for magazines or file folders, the Connect also features removable armrests that double as handy lapdesks when flipped over. It's like they don't want you to ever have to get up, and with the ability to recline, you won't even have to head to your bedroom for a good night's sleep. Of course you'll pay dearly for the privilege of combining work and sloth into a single piece of furniture, but it's a job expense, right? So you should be easily able to write off its $US1400+ price tag.

[Kibuc via MoCo Loco]


    Not a fan of lap desks. However, if someone could design and build in a little self-supported table, which swivels around in front of me when I'm lounging, I'll definitely buy one.

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