Payphones Finally Good For Something After 10-Year Hiatus

You’ve rightly ignored payphones for longer than you can remember, but they haven’t forgotten you. They've been waiting there patiently in the wings, coin slots aquiver, ready for the day when a hurricane would disrupt the power that charges your fancy mobile communication machines.

That’s right, New York. It’s payphone time. At least, until the networks get back online. Then we’ll go back to ignoring them just as aggressively as ever! [Twitter]


    guy on the right looks like his peeing XD

    No just disasters.
    Payphones are useful if you have no mobile signal (like many places in Australia) and no population to speak of (also like many places in Australia). Of course the long-distance rates still eat up your money, but good for letting people know you're ok.

      That should be "not" just disasters. I'm not contradicting myself, honest.

        It still works, I just read it in a Scottish accent :)

      Agreed, on a recent trip through NSW, SA, NT & QLD I used one a few times. Been so long since I used one I didn't know they don't even accept coins, just prepaid cards? Well not where I was anyway, maybe too far to go and collect the money..

        I used one last year that (despite being priorly warned otherwise) accepted coins, though it was next to a caravan park or camp site in an alpine region so that may be why.
        This post is a good reminder for me to get a phone card though. Just in case.

    In NYC. Mobile networks are just fine. Most coffee shops and bars will let you charge your phone (I spent Sandy in a bar having a hurricane party). The only people I've seen using payphones are tourists who didn't buy a prepaid SIM.

    They are good for ordering your drugs on, allegedly.

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