Over-The-Top Rifle Controller Makes Modern Warfare More Real Than Ever

The Nintendo Wiimote and Sony's PlayStation Move controllers made big strides in increasing the realism in first person shooter games. But neither can hold a candle to the Delta Six combat rifle when it comes to enhancing the make believe shoot-em-up experience. It's amazing how far we've come since the NES Zapper.

Unlike the Wiimote and Move controllers which require a separate tracking device, the $US90 Delta Six has an accelerometer built in so it works with any game right out of the box. It's also got force feedback motors inside so you feel the recoil from every shot, and reloading actually requires you to eject and replace the magazine every time. It sounds tedious, but nobody ever said (virtual) war was easy. With add-on accessories the Delta Six can also be reconfigured as a sniper rifle or a sub-machine gun, depending on your style of gameplay.

There are no specifics on availability just yet, but it's hard to imagine its creator isn't gunning to have this out in time for Christmas. [Kotkin Enterprises via Engadget]

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