OKCupid Wants To Hook You Up With Your Roommates

One time I went on an OKCupid date with a guy who ordered hot wings, licked his fingers and wiped a fountain of sweat off his forehead with a paper napkin. Needless to say, I never went out with him again. If you're at an equally low point with your living situation, the people over at the most desperate dating site on the internet want to match you with your next roommate.

OKCupid is currently testing an online Yenta service for housemates at an undisclosed domain. The good news, however, is that OKCupid and this roommate-finding site will be completely separate. But the process could be similar — do you like cats? Are you a vegetarian? Do you smoke? Do you want kids? All those things matter in a living situation about as much as they matter in a romantic setting.

Honestly, either way, the best case scenario for a successful match is years of passive aggressive eye-rolling and mutual distrust. [Social Times]

Image: Sakala/Shutterstock

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