NuForce's Bluetooth 4.0 Speakers Could Be The Best Wireless Speakers Yet

NuForce makes fantastic audio products; ones typically targeted at the mid-range audiophile. Their latest offering, a pair of Bluetooth speakers, uses the latest and greatest compression technologies, which they say will deliver top notch wireless sound. Can these new bookshelf speakers appeal to discerning ears?

So far, Bluetooth audio has failed to convince folks who care about audio quality. They just don't trust the technology. The thinking is that there's an inherent compromise involved when you bundle up audio and beam it through the air to a Bluetooth radio. And to a certain extent this thinking has been right — until recently, the codecs used with Bluetooth streaming were crap.

The NuForce S3-BT speakers join the growing batch of higher-grade speakers that support the apt-x and AAC codecs that, in theory, should provide CD-quality audio. Plus, the powered 2-way speakers each have a 1-inch tweeter and a 3.5-inch bass driver, which should be capable of great things if NuForce's previous speakers are any indication. The system is also upgradable to support NuForce's proprietary Air DAC wireless system for even cleaner, higher-quality audio.

At $US300 for the pair, we can't wait to hear how the NuForce S3-BT speakers measure up to the Audessy's wireless Bluetooth speakers as well as the spectacular Libratone Zipp. [NuForce]

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