Nokia Lumia 920, 820 Australian Release Details

With Windows Phone 8 officially out the door, we're starting to see release details confirmed. Telstra has the Australian carrier exclusive on the Nokia Lumia 920 from late November, while Optus and Vodafone will begin selling its little brother, the Lumia 820, from December.

We don't have full plan details from either carrier yet (what else is new?), but we do have outright buy prices. The 920 will cost $829, while the 820 is $649. As ever, grey importing will probably score you a keener price. (Both phones support LTE.) Update: Telstra has disclosed that the 920 will be available on its $60 plan with a $5 handset repayment on a 24-month contract. (As usual, we'd assume that if you go for one of the pricier Telstra plans, the handset repayment will drop to zero.)

Which colours you get partly depends on where you buy. Telstra will sell the 920 in black, white, red and yellow; if you buy through a third party, grey is also an option. The 820 comes in black, white, red and yellow, wherever you buy.

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