Nexus 10 Tablet: Everything You Need To Know

It's been a long time, but it's finally here. Google's big answer to the iPad -- the tablet that created an entire market -- is here. And it's bringing a better-than-retina screen, curves and serious speed.

Its name is Nexus 10, and it's cheaper than the iPad.

Looking at the specs, it seems that the Nexus 10 can be a more than worthy big tablet contender. The screen is sharper than the iPad, running at a whooping 300 pixels per inch. It's a tablet that has the potential to change the marketplace, just like the Nexus phone started the trend that eventually forced an iPhone design change.

The Guts

This tablet has a lot of power: a dual-core 1.7GHz Samsung Exynos processor. The whole tablet is made by Samsung. The chip includes a quad-core GPU inside, which will be make that super-dense display fly.

The Display

The screen is a 10-inch 2560x1600 better-than-retina display. That's extremely sharp for a tablet of this size -- over four million pixels. It surpasses the iPad, which only has 264 pixels per inch. The Nexus 10 has 300 pixels per inch. It's also better than its closest competitor, the 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD.


The device comes with microUSB and microHDMI ports, plus Wi-Fi. No news on 3G or LTE support yet.

Support for Multiple Users

Unlike the iPad -- and like Microsoft Surface -- the Nexus 10 can be shared among different family members. Thanks to Android 4.2, people can easily set up different user accounts and switch between them instantly from the lock screen.


Like the iPad 4, this one has two cameras too: a 5MP sensor on the back. On the front it gets better than Apple's tablet: 1.9 megapixels.


The Nexus 10 has two front-facing stereo speakers, which in theory should give you a much better listening experience that what the iPad can give you.

Battery Life

Google claims that the battery gives you nine hours of video playback. That's not as good as Apple's advertised battery life of up to 10 hours. But battery life is notoriously hard to pin down based on what companies say; we'll have to wait until we try it out ourselves.

AirPlay-like video transmission technology

The Nexus 10 also supports Miracast, which allows you to transmit movies, television shows, and anything else on your screen to any television with a wireless adaptor.

You can learn more about all of Android 4.2 features here.

Physical Specs

It weighs just 604 grams, which is lighter than the iPad, which weights 652 grams.

Price and availability

The price is perhaps the most surprising aspect: In Australia, it will cost $469 for the 16GB and $569 for the 32GB model. That's $70 cheaper than the iPad, which is amazing when you consider how much better the specs are. It also continues the trend -- which had all but disappeared these last few years -- of Apple being outgunned on the price tag.

It will be available on November 11, in the Google Play Store in the US, UK, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Canada and Japan.



    This is the tablet I've been waiting for but can't afford. D=

      Great Tablet - but no 3G / 4G

      so a no go for most people i know who were waiting for it.

        Why do you need 3G/4G. I just share the data from my phone via wifi. Why give telco more money just for data. That is not smart

          Good way to kill your phone's battery

            Running a WiFi Hotspot and using your tablet uses less power than browsing the internet on the phone.

            Also the extra time spent taking out your phone, turning on the hotspot, then putting it away again. And remembering to turn the hotspot off later otherwise so long more battery life. I know it's not much to complain about, but it's a significant annoyance compared to just pulling tablet out and having in always connected.

            And you'd never get email/FB/G+/Twitter/other app notifications on your tablet since it's never connected to the net. You don't want to go "oh my phone tells me I got a a notification. Let me turn on my phone hotspot so I can then check it out on my tablet..."

            And if you're indoors, the 3G/LTE antennae on tablets is bigger & better than those inside phones, so bandwidth is faster since reception is better.

          It's easy to say 'just share your wifi from your phone'. Try doing that in a business meeting 'oh wait mr.client while I share the internet from my phone with my tablet because I'm too much of a tight arse to afford the 3G version". You'll win the business right there.

          You are not smart for assuming everyone can do what you do.

          Even smarter is to pair the tablet with your phone, and allow internet access via Bluetooth on your phone. Then all you need to do is connect the Bluetooth device on your tablet when you want to. Better on the battery, and you don't have an ssid continuously broadcasting. That's how I do it anyway.

        That's spot on I've got the Woolworths mobile deal with 5GB of data so I've got more than enough for my phone and tablet's data

        I use my phones hotspot for my Asus TF101, so this wouldn't actually be a huge change. My TF101 does have a microSD slot, but I haven't exactly been chopping and changing the content on there either, so that's not really a loss. I could see this being my new tablet.

    We need to let go of the idea of an ''iPad killer''. There is not, nor will there ever be, an ''iPad killer''.

    A substantial number* of the people who buy iPads do so because they want the Apple version of a tablet ... to go with the Apple version of a PC they also own, and the Apple version of a music player they also own, etc.

    No set of mere specs or features will attract these people away from the Apple version of a tablet computer. Because only Apple can offer them what they want .., be it the ''brand cache'', the comfort of a familiar UI, the sense of oneness with their ''tribe'' of fellow Apple enthusiasts.

    * Some people buy iPads for the specs and features, sure. Maybe they can be tempted away. But they are not numerous enough to enable another tablet to be an ''iPad killer''.

      Fan boy by any chance?

        I have an Android phone and tablet, a Windows laptop and PCs, and I bought my kids iPod Touchs and my wife an iPod Nano. So, no, I don't think there's any chance I'm anyone's fanboy.

        Last edited 30/10/12 8:02 am

          You didn't come across like a fanboy to me. Just making an interesting point about why people might buy iPads and why an 'iPad killer' isn't going to happen because of that.

            Besides iTunes, there is no online Australian music store. Until we get one, iPod's and iPhone's are a preferred choice unless you wanna go to a music store and buy a few CD's and then rip them onto your android device.

              the only thing to use would be a music subscription like JB HiFi NOW or Telstra's MOG. both of those are Australian owned, unlike Spotify and Rdio

              Coles music believe it or not

        C'mon man, he puts forward a detailed but concise reasoning of his opinion that something won't be able to completely dethrone the iPad, and your response is 'lolfanboi?'. Come up with something a little deeper maybe :)

      @virt I can attest to what you said, because I'm one of those people. Many years ago I had a Windows PC, but no decent music library management software. Apple released iTunes as a free download for Windows (smartest thing Apple did in years).

      It was my first time using Apple software and I loved it, so I got an iPod, which led me to a Mac Mini, an iPhone, an iMac, and finally an iPad.

      I fully acknowledge that the Nexus 10, 7, and 4 are terrific products at terrific prices, but can I (and other Apple users) get away from the clutches of iTunes? I'm not so sure that I can.

      Last edited 30/10/12 6:41 am

        Which is fair enough. You are like many friends of mine, who buy Apple because they just want stuff that works seamlessly with their other stuff. I have other friends who like Apple stuff because they buy into the ''Apple equals design'' hype.

        My post above was just to point out that specs and features only matter to a certain section of the more technically oriented part of the market (which in fact I happen to belong to). But specs and features aren't the be-all and end-all to a lot of people who buy tablets and phones, and hence, no set of features or specs will make them switch their brand or ecosystem allegiance.

        Last edited 30/10/12 8:03 am

          I liked your comments @virt, I don't usually post, but your arguments were good enough to motivate me. Well done.

          I think the same set of arguments hold true for the iPad mini. It is more expensive than the Nexus 7 or the Kindle HD, however if the person already owns a lot of Apple content (books, music, videos, apps) they will just ignore the price tag.

        Just use spotify, its heaps better than itunes.

          isnt spotify for streaming music not playing it locally?

            When you pay for a monthly account (I'm currently using the free first month and not really sure if i'll end up sticking with it) you can download any of your playlists, and you can stream and download on your phone.

              Are they just MP3s or can you play lossless audio files? If not than I'm going to say that iTunes is still better if you care about how your music sounds.

                you can actually play local files on spotify. It's pretty handy because you won't be streaming songs you already have on your PC

      I understand what you mean. All my clients use Windows software and so I have a Windows computer instead of an Apple computer. Though I won't be changing over any time soon that doesn't mean that I can't recognise a better product when I see it.

      IMO, last century Apple lost out in the PC wars because the IBM clones while not as good were substantially cheaper. Today we now have a product that is as good, if not better, and cheaper than Apple's offering.

      Why does anything have to kill anything else? If an Android tablet 'killed' the iPad, then our only choice would be... the Android tablet. Is lack of choice really a good thing?

        Microsoft Surface (cough)

          You know what I mean. If something killed everything else. I mean, if the surface 'killed' android tablets, etc etc.

      To be fair, Apple has one major advantage over Google... iTunes store. Until we can buy music, TV shows and movies from Google, the iPad will still be THE media consumption device in Australia. As much as people seem to dislike iTunes, you can't deny that its the best, legal, channel for buying TV shows, movies and music here.

        Google Play?

          What about Google play? We can't buy music or TV shows, and could only buy moves as of today.

      Apple won't die, so there won't be an ipad killer (unless its by Apples own hand).
      The number one thing that ensures this is their ecology. Apple products just work with other apple products (most of the time). Nothing else can really compete with that, although microsoft are pushing the windows8 ecology big time. Android is not yet ubiquitous enough to be a real threat to the ecology system that apple has. It may pose a threat amongst the the phone and tablet iterations, but those are merely two heads of the multi-headed hydra.

      Last edited 30/10/12 9:49 am

      This doesn't have to kill the iPad, in fact this tablet with Android 4.2 is going to do what no other tablet before it could. Think about a party where you have an Android Fan and an Apple Fan. In the Past there was not point the Android Fan even trying as the iPad has been one of the best Tablets. But now an Android fan can take the fight to the Apple Fan. Maybe when Apple Fan start the see other devices which perform better then theirs will Android start to get somewhere

    I'm not a fan of apple, however, virt is correct, most apple users are trapped in the apple eco-system with itunes, that's how apply keeps it user base. what's telling though it the kindle hd sales after the ipad mini launch ;-)

      Now I just don't get this.. people talk of the apple eco system, and being trapped in it, but how does this differ to the Google eco system they're trying to get you in?

        The difference is you can take your Google Play store purchases and transfer them to any other Android tablet or phone from any manufacturer. You are not locked into a specific brand. Don't like your Samsung phone? All your stuff transfers to your new HTC, or Sony, or LG. As long as your device runs Android you can do that as much as you want.

        With the Apple ecosystem, you're locked into Apple products whether you like them or not. And iTunes is a POS.

          Really? who is locked into using an Apple product? Freedom of choice always exists.

            You missed the point. What he's saying is that if you want a new phone or tablet but want to keep all your Apple purchases then you HAVE to purchase another Apple product, since iPhones and iPads are the only products that run iOS. But if you have a bunch of Google Play purchases then you can take your pick from several products made by several manufacturers, since they all run Android.

              The thing you are missing is that you are still locked into Google's ecosystem. Yes you can buy different hardware but it still runs the same OS.

                The thing you are missing is that the conversation was about hardware, not the OS.

      I voluntarily went into the Apple ecosystem. I'm not trapped. Unless it's Stockholm Syndrome haha. But seriously. Some people go for the strict ecosystem because they like it. Some don't. What's the problem?

    Everytime i hear the word "ipad killer" i think of all the MMO games that came out and the people that called them a "wow killer" . I think like wow the ipad wont die anytime soon but this is definitely a step in the right direction.

    Loving the screen res just worried about the CPU i doubt its as good as its made out to be, i mean the 10.1 Tab 2 and Galaxy note 10.1 are both slow as hell . If samsung were able to make something this "good" i don't see why they would have chosen those other slower processors for their mainstream tablets

    I love the Surface, but Microsoft really dropped the ball on display resolution didn't they?

      Have you used it yet? you dont really notice.

      Saying that however, i would have liked more, but i am guessing the pro will have more, so ill just get that and ill be happy

        The Pro is meant to be 1080p, that's what I'm waiting for, plus I need the legacy app support.

    Not a fan of the shape.

      Yeah, that huge bezel looks makes it look like a 1950s Bakerlite TV set to me LOL.

        Hey in that case it gets retro cred! That might tempt the hipsters away from their iPhones and iPads by itself!

        I kid. I kid, people. :P

    um sd card? - why do people neglect telling us this sort of thing... its the single bigest thing android has going for it

      ...really? The single biggest thing Android has going for it is SD? So if Apple brought out SD integration in all their products, you'd immediately buy them.


    Why is everything compared to the iPad? What about the other crap 10inch tablets

    iPad 'killer'. I am tired of this war. So much hate. Can't we just get along? What is it about the human race that wants to take sides and squash/kill all others?

    It's the same story anyway: Company A releases new product. Company B panics and releases same product with more stuff, says Company A product is crap. Blogs/media ring the bell for the fight to begin and write 100 articles a minute to fan the flames of war and entice both sides to visit their site. These sites know exactly what to say to get people frothing at the mouth.

    Truth is we live in an amazing time. Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft have all changed our lives for the better. Let's all calm down and ENJOY IT!

      Siding with a "winner" is a fundamental human trait. Why wouldnt this ingrained anthopological behaviour also relate to brand loyalty?

      The world is amazing though, but we are only living in a transitional phase of human history. The stuff we have today is just the begining, and it is disappointing to think of the technology that will exist after we are all long dead.

      Oh how I long for an upvote button. Your comment would be sky-high my friend.

      The competition forces companies to innovate, I don't see how it is a bad thing. Well, except for all the law suits that's definitely holding back

    Sure, it looks tasty. But uh, what's that? The first photo.

    What is it with that disgusting phone UI. 4.2 is apparently going to be using this vs tablet UI, and that pic seems to confirm it. It's horrendous, reduces productivity, and is akin to Win8 Metro change.

    I really dislike the rounded shape. Google/Samsung are trying to outdo Apple on the "tablet for kids" look here, that's disappointing.

    will it have usb input straight out of the box, for hard drives etc ?

    If not for the wheel we would have no car.

    Anyone else notice the "yolo" search at the end of the clip? tip of the cap google.

    Tablet looks pretty good too, personally I don't care about 3g/4g - I just got a 4g wireless hotspot on telstra pre-paid. it works a charm and doesn't kill the battery performance. As for the "inconvenience" - well if you're carrying around a 10" tablet then I really dont think a relatively tiny hot spot is going to put anyone out that much.

    The thing is.. an Android tablet will never be an iPad killer, nor will it be a Surface killer.. they are for different markets, different people.

    I have an iPad but I also have a Galaxy S2.. I love both of them for different reasons. I almost did buy a Transformer TF-701 Infinity.. but it just didn't meet "my needs". It's that simple.

    I'm scrolling through these posts and all I can see is "Apple... iPad killer... fanboys" seriously who cares? Can't anyone post something more interesting on the actual tablet

    i agree there should always be a 3g or 4g !!!! I like this but with connectivity

    More expensive than Us?

    Whats the problem with you

    Should i buy in another country

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