New Earth Photo Shows Sandy’s Massive Size

If you had any doubts about the scale of frankenstorm Sandy, check out NASA's latest image to see its size compared to the entire planet. It was taken by NOAA's GOES-13 satellite on October 28 at 9.02am EDT (12.02am AEDT).

Updated: We've added a new animated image of Sandy in action, just published by NOAA. It covers its movement from 7.15am to 2.15pm EDT.

According to NASA, "Sandy's western cloud edge is already over the Mid-Atlantic and northeastern US." [Flickr]

Update: Latest images of Sandy in action.

Close up on the northern hemisphere.

Close up on North America.



    I am glad I am in Las Vegas next week and not the Big Apple.

      Just got back from NY a few weeks ago and greatful I'm back to.

      From what I hear the wind is unlikely to be too bad - the flooding is what's going to be the dangerous thing with this storm. Fingers crossed for everyone in the Eastern US.

    Hopefully David Lettermans show floods out, while on air :P

    I'm here. Gonna be fun....!

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