New Windows RT Apps: Skype, Firefox And More

This week was a Microsoft bonanza. A new operating system and new hardware means new apps. So joining the best apps of the week roster is a new batch of titles meant for RT. Inside, you'll find a lot of apps you know and love, all ready for your new Surface tablet.

Skype: Whether you're calling your old college buddy in Korea or you're video chatting with your mother across town, Skype is a good one to have. Plus, it's integrated across the entire operating system, so it's one of the essential RT titles. Free.

Firefox: We've been over this — your grandma uses Internet Explorer. So you probably want an alternative browser. Firefox released the preview version of its browser at the beginning of October, and its been updating nightly since then, so Mozilla has already been improving on it for nearly a month and will continue to do so. Free.

Sketchbook Express: You know what's great about tablets? Drawing pictures, and not crumpling up a page and tossing it in the trash when you mess up. This is a professional-grade art app that lets you jot down all your doodles, no matter how good or bad they are. Free.

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