Multiple Google Nexus Devices Are Most Likely Happening

Multiple Google Nexus Devices Are Most Likely Happening

Google has an event set down for October 29, this much we know for sure. Whether we see multiple Nexus devices or just one remains to be seen for sure, but another clue pointing towards the former came out today on Google’s own Plus page. It’s the clearest indication yet that we’re going to see more Nexus devices than we can handle.

Google took to the Galaxy Nexus’ Plus page a few hours ago and posted this:

October 29th. The game is on ladies and gentlemen.

Happy birthday +Galaxy Nexus, you were born one year ago, on October 19th. Soon you are going to meet your younger brother(s) 😉

Brother(s), eh Google? Here’s to winking back atcha.

So far we’ve seen leaked Nexus devices from LG and possibly Sony, and we’ve also heard convincing rumours of a Nexus 7 tablet update that will likely bring added storage and possibly a 3G antenna.

What do you want in a new Nexus?