Motorola’s 2GHz Intel Monster Phone Won’t Come To Australia

Motorola’s 2GHz Intel Monster Phone Won’t Come To Australia

Set faces to disappointed. Motorola’s new RAZRi — the insane Intel-powered smartphone with a processor that clocks in at 2Ghz — will not be coming to Australia. Ever. Here’s why.

We first saw the RAZRi last month and it looks nothing short of amazing. It’s Motorola’s own Frankenstein-monster, sporting everything great from its previous smartphones. It measures in at 4.3-inches with the same edge-to-edge display in the RAZR M, it runs 1GB of RAM and sports an all-day (2000mAh) battery with a 2GHz Intel processor designed for hardcore speed junkies. Sounds awesome, right?

Speaking at Motorola’s On Display event in Sydney today, the company said (very surprisingly) that the RAZRi is a phone that Australians will never see. Why? Well, because Australians are obsessed with network speed and not processor clock speeds.

“Because Australia is predominately a 4G-market, we decided not to bring the 2GHz RAZRi to Australia. We think 4G is something that consumers are seeing as important here in Australia, so we don’t see ourselves launching the RAZRi here locally.”

While we have our sad faces on, it’s also worth noting that the RAZR MAXX HD will also never see the light of Australian day. The attraction with the MAXX HD is its enormous battery that could last for two days without a charge. It’s not coming here for a slightly more sensible reason than the RAZRi, though: the MAXX HD a CDMA phone designed specifically for Verizon in the US.


We’ll be bringing you a hands on with Motorola’s two new Australian offerings — the RAZR M and the RAZR HD — later on today.

Image: Kat Hannaford