Microsoft's New 3D Wristbands Could Be The Future Of Motion-Controlled Computing

The Wii introduced the masses to motion-based gaming. The Kinect took things one step further and all but eliminated controllers. Microsoft's latest innovation, an infrared tracker worn on the wrist, could make gaming and UI controls even more immersive than before.

The wrist controller users multiple infrared cameras to track the movement of your hands, along with a handful of accelerometers and gyroscopes that allow a device to locate you in space without the need of a sensor bar. From there, as is evident in the video, your hand can do virtually anything, and you can be anywhere without having to worry about how close or far away you are from a television or display.

You can even gesture and control a device such as a tablet without even touching it. Yu still might need a Kinect cam for games that track entire body movement, but for racing games and first-person shooters, this control setup seems awesome. [Microsoft Research]


    The success in the hardcore gaming world will ultimately come down to fucntionality: the wii had problems with lag, and registering movement; the kinect was sometimes tempromental with its itegration; so hopefully this will be tried and tested by the time we get it; instead of rushed out to beat Christmas.

    And before anyone defends the wii, remember that it took them 3 years to put an accelerometer in the thing to make it work like it was supposed to from day one.

      the biggest complaint for gamign is that "pc mice gaming is the most precise input you are ever gunna get"

      but for those who think that, theyre probably the same people who play COD which has completely unrealistic gameplay, speed and "accuracy"

      Why use the cheap method, when you can have fun in a realistic simulated FPS experience. Realife soldiers dont go on 360 no scope killing sprees you know

    This would be awesome combined with Google Glass. Being able to control an interface projected into your view using hand gestures. Super futuristic!

      plz no google glass...they will track all your personal life then sell it to advertisers..while pretenting to give you the stuff for free.....rather see microsoft glass work with this

    Something tells me the porn industry is going to love this gadget!

    This is going to have a lot of advantages in the business world, also with such professions as Doctors when operating. This looks good and now just needs to be smaller.

    Microsoft Research have created amazing things over the years and it's great that they are still doing great work. Just wish they released the Courier

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    Amazing. Can't wait to see where this leads.

    Much better than the "Minority Report"-style interfaces that have you standing with your arms raised for ages on end - which would get really, really tiring (we we'd all develop fantastic upper body strength/endurance)

      I think it might not be a bad idea to develop interfaces which are efficient only if you have good stamina! It'd encourage me to do better :P

    It'll never take off in hardcore gaming I don't think.

    Still, can't wait to see it in action, this will take the accuracy to a whole new level

    Seems that there's about 500-1000 milliseconds of delay, which is fine for a prototype, but would -really- frustrate me in real use. It needs to be <150ms, I reckon, with <70ms being the goal for nice smoothness. Also obviously the camera and kit need to be smaller if I'm going to sync this with my phone and glasses for 24/7 use, but that's to be expected of a prototype!

    "without the need for a sensor bar"

    ...except it's totally using a sensor bar. The wii remote setup gave you an IR camera in your hand (the remote) and a pair of IR LEDs to point at (the sensor bar). This is the same setup just in reverse. A few cameras watching you move a pair of sensor bars attached to your wrists.

    what happened to the LEAP motion thing. That looks way more accurate but downside for it thats it only a small bar.

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