Microsoft's First Windows 8 Ad Comes With Sneak Peeks At New Windows Hardware

Windows 8 is weeks away, and to hype us up to fever pitch, Microsoft has released the first ad for the new operating system, filled with random imagery and brief sneak peeks.

Here's what you need to know: Eight is a number you need to hear repeated over and over, Fruit Ninja is awesome, rockets blasting off are cool, loud rock music is happening and shouting at your computer is the new black.

Seriously, though. Dispersed within the random stock footage is some genuinely interesting stuff. Sneak peeks, even. Convertible Samsung tablets the likes of which we've never seen before, a massive Acer tablet, and the first look at Sony's new touchscreen laptop. The screenshots for your consideration can be browsed above.

All of this culminates in the tagline: "Windows Reimagined".

I've gotta say, I'm pretty excited for Windows 8. Is it just me?



    As an avid OS X fan, this is definitely one of the most exciting software launches in years. A fantastic base for Windows to start with and it can surely only get better from here.

    Hopefully it leads to a bit more innovation from Apple.

      Not likely, they will just copy it and then later try to patent it pretending they did it first :-p

        Oh barry, you poor deluded child. You have that in reverse. You're forgiven. You're a winblows user.

          Forgive me, but was it not Apple Patent lunacy that tried to trademark the "i"??? Oh, and "magical" facetime... the FIRST time we've had video chat on a phone?? Preeeety sure Motorola developed that with the Launch of 3G...?

          And the brilliant feature of "customisable" ringtones and alerts... pretty sure Nokia 3200's had that in the days of monochrome screens...

          If you're going to /troll, then do it with facts and not by drinking the Coolade.


      Only an avid OS X fan would be excited for windows 8.

        A lot of people, both Mac and Windows inclined, are excited about the arrival of Win 8. Competition is healthy.

    Really looking forward to Windows 8/Windows Phone 8 since dev preview.

    Can't wait to get a nice Lumia 920 w/ WP8 + Microsoft Surface combination going.

      ^ That.

      Its one of the reasons why I havent bought a tablet yet. I dont like iPads (coz its a toy) and Android tablets just dont do it for me. I need something that will be more about productivity rather than games, browsing and media. Hopefully a new Samsung Ativ smartphone and Samsung touchscreen tablet or laptop with Win8 will win my heart and soul.

      Agree with this combination 100%. Holding off until the new year to see how the market goes and how reviews turn out. Currently not using my Galaxy Tab, and looking to upgrade my Omnia 7. The Windows 8 OS excites me too.

      indeed this

      Definitely getting a Lumia 920 and am pretty keen on the idea of W8 on my desktop, might just need a solid trackpad to use it fluidly though.

    I.... am going to listen to Eagles of Death Metal right now!

    Too many fingers.

    All of the communication seems to be about touch. I don't want to touch either of my monitors.

      So don't, but there is no point showing users doing what we can all do already, is there?

        Windows is such a well known product that I think they do need to show that it does all the stuff you expect Windows to do, and show that it is better than before.

        Are Microsoft interested in just selling new touch enabled devices or selling upgrades too? If I didn't know about Windows 8 these new ads wouldn't make want to install 8 instead of 7.

          I think those who care about staying back in an older environment (mouse/keyboard), are the more informed who have enough knowledge to understand the situation.

          This advertising is targeted more towards your home user.

          Just my opinion, anyway. I'm definitely no market researcher.

    I like the concept and I like the look, but I can't see the touch component being useful in a desktop environment. Maybe the desktop is doomed anyway?

      It could definitely be useful with an adjustable arm and the ability to lay flat.

      27" touch screen able to lay flat? Yes please.

      I doubt it. They have made a lot of really great improvements to the desktop in this release. Desktop/laptop PCs will continue to be a huge chunk of Windows' revenue for a few years yet, I'm sure.

    I feel the need to address, as per the two comments above me, that this ad is specifically targeted at tablets and how Windows 8 functions with them. This is not even remotely a desktop centered ad as it does not involve a desktop, there is no need to freak out. Arguably Windows 8 comes with better features for Desktops, like the better dual monitor support.

      As I said, all of the communication seems to be about touch.

      I haven't seen anything that says "this is how Windows 8 will be better for getting work done on your PC"

      This ad only features a cursor in the last 5 seconds, the rest is pinching and swiping

      This one only shows a little bit of mouse before moving back to touch. (Not just tablets, touch screen desktops too)

        Yes, and what I'm trying to tell you is that all the communications seem to be about touch because the damn ads are focused on tablets.

        Don't watch a BMW ad for their bikes then complain that BMW cars didn't get too much focus.

        Keep in mind that Windows 8 is partly a big attempt from Microsoft to break into the tablet market, but that doesn't mean there's nothing good for desktops.

        If anything, I'm a huge fan of the new look and am willing to upgrade for that. And if you're talking about work computers, then yes I agree with you, there's no point upgrading your work computer to Windows 8 if it's specifically being used for work only. However personal is different, it has the potential to become your new HUB, it looks great, there's new functionality, it's faster.

          And I am trying to tell you that I think just making ads about tablets to sell Windows is stupid. The ads I linked aren't "Windows 8 Tablet ads" they are the (supposedly) the official Windows 8 ads.

          If these ads are focused on tablets why do they all show laptops and all-in-one PCs?

          BMW make cars and bikes. They make ads for cars and bikes.
          Windows runs on desktops and tablets. I think they should make ads for desktops and tablets.

          Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Windows 8, I just think Microsoft is way too focused on tablets when 90% of PCs in the world run windows and very few of them are touch enabled.

            They are focusing on tablets cos that's the current trend. There's no point flogging it for desktops because when you think about it how many users will go out and buy Windows 8 as an upgrade? Most will go buy a new pc or laptop and take whatever os comes with it. On top of that these damage users generally only update every 5 or so years.

              Lol damage = type

              Thanks auto correct

    I would like to go on record as the first Gizmodo reader to use the pun Windows h8. That is all ^_^

    Well, its been such a long time, they've been working so hard on this one for years now, apparently they even hired 500 testers so that no bug can be left unfixed, but what to expect, tablets have already changed so much and yes windows is still widely used by so many, even me, but what about the tablet touch side of things, will it dominate the Android/IOS due to most users having a Windows machine in the first place?

      That's the $64 question, isn't it? For me the appeal is being able to continue t use the software I have invested so much time and money in over the years. I think that will make Win8 tablets (x86 models) unique and if they can get the price right, they will have a strong market all to themselves.

      I'd start pushing that by showing someone using Photoshop Touch on an iPad alongside someone doing a full HD visual effects shot in After Effects or Nuke on a Surface Pro.

        I don't think Microsoft have marketed themselves correctly yet with windows 8. But the release is still off so I will give them that benefit.

        But that comparison idea, that is what they should focus on. Showing how powerful a win 8 (x86) tablet could be vs all other tablets. That's their sell point.

        For desktops and generic laptops (without touch) they should market to them away from the new (and admittedly very nice) metro and touch integration. They should show it can still do the same, but so much more. Some people might be scared they have reinvented the wheel, when really they have just refined it n

    Hopefully it will force apple to update its ridiculously old operating systems.

    MS commercials are far more exciting than their products. They have to. Their OS blows.

      Cool, I didn't know it blows, I though Apple had a patent on that. How do i turn that feature on, I have been using Windows 8 for 3 months and love it but if it blows, wow, how awesome. Summer is coming up and it might be good to have some air blowing around the office.

    The PC OS that thinks it's an iPad who thinks it's a smartphone ?


    Last edited 15/10/12 10:07 pm

    I love this ad, even tho its a bit short. Now exited for a windows tablet and the new iPad mini, don't know which one to choose for my first tablet

    I'm just damn frustrated at the fact that all the new hardware's been held back for the launch... my laptop died, and all the new ultrabooks are just embargoed!

    Why the hell do they write the date like that?? DD/MM/YYYY just makes much more sense doesn't it?

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