Microsoft Surface Tablet Gets An Awesome New Ad Ahead Of Oct 26 Release

We don't know when, where or how the new Surface tablet from Microsoft will appear in Australia yet. That's kind of concerning. In the meantime to make yourself feel better, check out this awesome new Surface ad from Microsoft — part of the company's media blitz coming up to the Windows 8 launch in 10 days time.

It features everything from a catchy song, a funky dance routine, some nifty tricks with tablets and a look at the new Surface tablet and cover keyboard.

It follows on from the Windows 8 ad from yesterday that showed us a few new things when it came to Windows 8 hardware from other manufacturers.

We'll keep you up to date with new Surface availability announcements as we get them.

Do you want a Surface? Why?



    Can't wait, been holding off on buying a tablet for a while but this is it.

    That many people in one place and none of them had an iPad? The only place I could see that happening is a Microsoft campus.

    But seriously, I'd love a Surface Pro if the hardware performs well.

    This is definitely worse than the ad posted from yesterday. As mentioned elsewhere - why not sell the device on what it can do, rather than the rubber case attached to it?

      They're focusing on the mainstream tablet crowd, which in this day and age is not your average tech orientated person, they really want to break into the market and unfortunately going through a bunch of boring specs is not going to entertain and attract your average consumer. Tech people should look out for Microsoft press releases or the Microsoft event being held later this month to introduce W8, hopefully WP8 and Surface as well.

        Apple and Samsung rarely mention a single spec as they sell their products. It's all about design and user functionality.

        The average customer wouldn't even know what the Surface is or why it runs some weird looking interface that doesn't look anything like their Win7 PC.

      I have to agree. Lots of creative juice went into that ad, just in the wrong direction.

      The great thing about Surface Pro is that it's "just" a reasonably powerful PC, as well as being a useful tablet that has a snap-on keyboard and stand. This doesn't sound like much, but it's a Big Deal IMHO... surely there'd be cool ways to demonstrate how much better that is.

        Except you are wrong. This Surface is the RT version so it runs the same hardware as an iPad or any other tablet that is currently out there. The points of difference are precisely what is shown in this ad - kickstand, keyboard and Windows 8.

          Windows RT is not Windows 8, and in any case my comment was related to Surface Pro not Surface RT.

          You're probably right that this is the Surface RT - in any case failing to point out and demonstrate the strengths of the Surface Pro is a mistake and in this case the mistake was made by advertising the Surface RT!

          The same time, and probably budget, could have been put into a Surface Pro ad that showed the kickstand, keyboard, Windows 8 (not RT) as well as demonstrating that this is a tablet which works equally well as a PC.

            I can see what your comment was related to, I was pointing out that this ad is not for that product, which is still months away. Why create an ad now for a product that will not go on sale for ages? I'm sure they will spend a hell of a lot more money on a number of different ads for each version of Surface, and for Windows8 and for Office 2013 and for X-Box Music and for all the other new stuff they have to promote but it makes sense to start with something to build excitement/interest, don't you think?

              Ah, yes I getcha.
              Watched it with sound last night. Without, it's nothing special, just a dance number. With, it feels like a celebration of a new direction for MS and Windows.

              Maybe that's only something I feel because I'm a huge nerd, but if nothing else it shows the power of a well-picked score! :D

        You're missing the point. The ad is about creating awareness of the product and its main physical and UI features. To this end I think it's a pretty clever ad.

      What, like Apple do? Every time I see an ad for either iPhone or iPad, I see it either doing things I've been able to do for ages or things I have absolutely no interest in. i.e. They have zero impact on me.

      In any event, this ad shows several things Surface can do - the kick-stand and the keyboard, the Windows 8 Modern UI and how it works with touch, as well as intimating that it will be suitable for school kids, uni students and businessmen. There is a fairly sizable difference between a TV commercial and a video tutorial.

        Yet the Surface will be able to do most things a current Windows user can do, but on an updated, fresh tablet. Why not advertise that as opposed to people dancing?

        I hardly believe a kick-stand is the core selling point here.

        Last edited 16/10/12 3:03 pm

    Microsoft's going to have a new bit of advertising/information every day for the next ten days, aren't they? I wouldn't be surprised.

    Made me want to sell my ipad for a Surface....

    I'm a big fan of tablets but put off buying one until now. My boyfriend loves his Apple iPad and I've played around with it myself as well while falling in love with the user interface and such, but after my ccna class got a hands on demonstration of the Windows on on a Samsung tablet I will have to admit that Apple has the right to be worried. I love how it looks, how it feels and Microsoft office 2013 seems almost like a totally different program, but is still the same as 2010 but ten times better. I'm hopping the surface pro doesn't go for 899 or higher if it still wants to compete with Apple; maybe 599? A girl can dream, right? Hehe.

      "I love how it looks and feels"

      That's what she said

    It's colourful, clicky and creative. Much better than how Apple instructed users to place on their smartcovers

    Do we know the screen resolution yet? I am very much open to "switching" but I do love the screen on my ipad (3).

      But the screen res on your iPad is a krappy 1024x768. It is only the ppi value that is unnecessarily high. There are certain situations in which the iPad's retina Display works amazingly well but most of the time you would need to hold them side by side to know which was the new one. If Surface has a full HD screen it will still have fewer pixels than a new iPad but at least you will actually have a lot more screen real estate, which is far more important to me and many others.

        Isn't the ipad resolution 2048 x 1536?

          That's the pixel resolution but it is at double the density of the old one. i.e. They have made everything twice as big so that you don't get any more space on the screen. It is the same thing as running your Windows at 200% of it's native resolution.

          Correct. I think motormouth is talking about the fact the interface elements are the same size on the 2048 x 1536 retina as the older 1024 x 768 iPads. What anyone with a hint of design knowledge would realise is that this is a good thing. Interface elements on the original iPad where chosen to be an optimal size for the input mechanism (your finger) and distance from your face. Arguing that a tablet that treats a lower screen resolution as more screen "real estate" would be better is moronic.

      By the look of things -
      Surface Pro: 10.6" 1920*1080
      Surface RT: 10.6" 1366*768

      So not brain-melting, but on par with typical notebook and desktop display resolutions.

    There's tons of promise with this product, lets hope it lives up to it.
    Like others have put off buying a new tablet pending release of Surface.
    Am going to be in US a few weeks after release of XT version, but reckon it'll still be hard to get hold of one of these suckers - demand is going to be huge.

      What is the XT version? Is that the Intel based model or the cheap one called Windows Surface RT?

    So 10 days away and no pricing still right?

      Nope, still no pricing. Probably going to wait till the 25th.

    I did hear a rumour that the Microsoft Surface will be sold next year in places like JB Hi Fi, maybe Feb 2013 (from a JB Hi Fi employee). I also heard that before that, it might be an online only order from Microsoft Store for Australia.

    I haven't heard anything about what the other makers will be doing or when they will be releasing them in Australia, companies like ASUS, Acers, HP etc.

      I was in JB Hi-Fi the other day and the sales guy told me they had been shown the new Asus stuff, including Taichi, a couple of weeks ago. So it is all ready to roll come the end of the month. That's why everyone is having huge laptop/ultrabook sales at the moment.

    I want a surface because of that Ad lol, but really plenty of tablets have come and gone and still around but not doing much. The Surface has really intrigued me more than all other tablets that been released so although love my ipad, there could be a change in the air or a addition to the family.

    It will be great to have to power there to use normal desktops programs like photoshop with a mouse if you want! As well as the tablet stuff

    Many of my family, friends and colleagues have iPads which I have used extensively and I honestly see their usefulness being limited to solely an entertainment device for browsing photos, emails and the internet. Even the colleagues at work that have it set up for work as much as they can it still doesn't do much other than hold PDFs for them to access. I'm going to get a Slate and I can't wait to show off how much better it can be to my colleagues for work uses. I hope it delivers!

    Still no ad with clarification on Windows RT and Pro. I know alot of people who are going to be disappointed when they get their RT tablet. Most general consumers I talk to that think that RT and Pro are the same and that RT is just a cheaper tablet but with the Full Windows OS.

    I just got told it's not for sale in Australia as it will only be sold in Microsoft Bricks & Mortar stores.

    Not sure if I believe that, but the guy who told me is one of our practice managers and we're a gold partner, so maybe he's right.

      Information is pretty shaky, but these guys seem pretty confident that it will be sold with at least one major retail chain (Fingers crossed not Harvey Norman).

      From what I've read it will be available from Microsoft online, and bricks and mortar stores. No third party distributors.

    That ad was so pompous and unrelated to tablet computing it was awesome.

    Makes me want to buy and Surface just to try different daredevil ways to click it to it's cover.

    At this stage I'm pretty keen on a Surface Pro, and while I wouldn't get a Surface RT for myself, I can see it being ideal for my Fiance. She would install far more from the app store than she ever would normally, not to mention free Office built in.

    1) The link to the previous article is broken.
    2) AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA at the new gizmodo "page not found" page :D

      I love our page not found.

      That link ought to be fixed now.

    If you didn't know what a Surface is, you still don't after watching that... pointless.

      Why don't you? Do you think it's the outdoor furniture or the building in the background? Because those are the only other common features in each shot. I think most will work it out a little more easily than you.

    What a ridiculous ad.

    This ad actually makes me wonder just how strong the magnets that hold the cover on are. Check those guys connecting it while in a mid-air flip of some sort - the one holding the Surface lets go and it stays connected! A bit too much creative license, or magnets on mad crack?

      Apparently not, I have read reports that it will hold if held by the keyboard part. I'll try find a source.

    That ad was awful, even the main dude had 'Apple' written all over him, i expected something more intelligent and sophisticated from Microsoft.

    Showed this video to somebody and they made a very interesting point. It almost looks like an ad for an iPad/Tablet accessory rather than the actual device. (This was the opinion of somebody with no prior knowledge of the surface)

      Interesting. I showed this to a friend with an iPad who isn't very tech savy and it's made him want one, specifically the in built stand was very appealing to him and he liked the look of "that menu on the screen". Although I did just IM him asking how he knew the ad was for a tablet and not an accessory and he goes "I'm not stupid", heh.

        The person I showed it to didn't think it was for an accessory, but said that the ad could easily have been for an accessory. (Based mainly on the first half of the ad).

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