Microsoft Is Holding A Windows Phone 8 Briefing For Australia

Mark your calendars, folks. It's going to be a busy few weeks. Microsoft just invited the Australian tech media to a briefing on October 30.

It's not particularly exciting, but it signals the fact that Microsoft isn't going to leave Australia out of the Windows Phone 8 launch festivities.

You can expect full coverage from Gizmodo for all things Windows Phone 8 in the coming weeks.

(It's worth noting we added the word "finally" to the image.)



    So, actual device launches or just further details about the OS (finally)?

    Either way, close on the heels of Win8 as expected. Eeeexcellent.

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    I'm actually, for once, over the moon that Microsoft has FINALLY included Australia within their releases. Surface...a few days later than the rest and almost the same price too...great move and now I hope they do the same for their phone and anything else they release

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    It's going to be an expensive few weeks for me...

      I already spent 1300 on an ultrabook on Saturday. It came with a free lumia 800, it won't be windows phone 8 compatible, but for what I've seen of 7.5 and how that integrates with windows Live and windows 8 is phenomenal. Even though the specs aren't as good as the iPhone 4s, it has a poor screen and poor audio, but I'm happier then I've ever been with an iPhone.

    So 3-4 weeks from that date for Aus launch?

    Did you at the missed call too? Choices - WinPhone8 and Surface.. when are Telstra going to announce prices for Lumia 920 it seems to be avilable for pre-order overseas yet no sign of it here yet!

    Wow, that's a bad Photoshopping (look at the font and the Call & Messages icons)

    I don't care if the Lumia is a month away, I just want to know a date. It's the not knowing that is killing me over here. My iPhone 4 is now at the point where it loses signal completely at least 3-4 times a day.

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