Microsoft Finds The Worst Way To Advertise Cloud Storage

When you've got a cloud platform in a world of cloud platforms, you have to find a way to make yours stand out in the crowd. This is the wrong way. This new Windows Azure "theme song" by NoClue is just about as comprehensible as it is a good idea, but at least it's not the worst tech music video out there, due in part to the fact that it sounds like gibberish.

It probably won't be as good at getting people stoked about Windows Azure as it will get them stoked to make NoClue puns, but press is press, right? [YouTube via The Verge]


    Advertising 101: Make sure the consumer can actually understand what is being said. FAIL

    I think he said he likes azure wiggles aas. Silly Americans, there is no azure wiggle.

    What the heck was that?! I had to stop after 25 seconds. Now let's wait for the parodies to come out.

    Waiting for the mashup of this with 'Developers'.

    Microsoft has NoClue about advertising. did they actually want people to know what Azure actually is or just felt like giving him a free video clip. what a bunch of idiots.

    WTF my head hurts. Imagine old nanna watching the midday movie and this pops up - she would have a heart attack.

    I stopped at 30 seconds. Felt like it had been playing for 2 minutes. This truly is the worst advertisement for cloud storage

    Lets not forget Microsoft Songsmith

    This is intended for developers, not consumers. Developers, developers developers developers!

    If I worked in a record store and a co-worker played this type of music 24/7.... I'd smash the ghetto blaster over his head. It's terrorism and cruel and unusual punishment.

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    OK u all are showing your age now.
    Its not that bad. The important hooks are written on screen, the rest is meant to be gibberish. Its the speed yeah? This would be cut down for TV spots.

    Seriously guys loosen up.

    Anyone see the resemblance in the visual fx used here and in Samsung's ad?

    too many stupid people at Microsoft

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