Meet Gmail's New Time-Saving Compose Window

Google is rolling out a redesign of the Gmail compose functionality that will save heavy email users a lot of time. The new compose window won’t take up the entire large frame of your Gmail anymore. Instead, it’ll look like a larger version of the Gchat window that you’re used to.

As Google points out, going back and finding information from other emails so that you can write the one you’re working on is a huge time suck. The new floating compose window will allow you to reference old messages without breaking the flow of what you’re writing. In addition, Google’s tweaking the "To", "CC" and "BCC" address lines so that profile images of your contacts show up when you start typing in their names. Anything that cuts down on the amount of time we have to spend writing email is a winner in our book.


    So this is why Gmail has been annoying me with more and more agressive attempts to get me to upgrade my browser, preferably to Chrome, lately?

    Look.. I just want to read and send email.. I don't want all this silly stuff. For some of us, that is enough.. also consider that a majority of corporations are behind in updates of software. We're still using Windows XP, still on IE8 (we were on iE6 last year) and so on.

    Just wanna read my mail..

      You're complaining about being forced to upgrade from a 10 year old unsupported OS??? Really???
      I like the idea of a floating compose window. I find it very useful on the outlook web app when out of office.

        Something tells me he doesn't have the power to upgrade to the next OS on his work computer... I only got windows 7 last week. There are loads of people that work here too that are still rockin XP and will be for a while.

          Indeed.. If I could, I would.. but it's unlikely we'll see anything other than XP for a few years, unless a miracle happens.. and IE8 for probably the same length of time.

        Yeah, on the corporate end, we actually gotta do some testing and all before we roll out new OS and software. Plus the fact that upgrades could get shot down by management due to budget cuts....

          Hmmm. Budget cuts. There's always budget cuts. Have you noticed that? It's a wonder companies are still operating. :-)

      What do you even bother reading a tech-news site for when you're running antiques?

    I have to say that the Window function for new emails has always been there, if you hold the shift button, then press compose. I guess now they are just making it the default.
    The pictures thing will be nice to see. Not sure how many of my contacts will have pic attached, as the majority are work emails.
    I love Gmail, and use it extensively, with three different addresses for 3 very well used purposes, so anything to make the experience smoother, the better.

    I want Windows 8. I will be upgrading from 7 this weekend for $39. For what you get, that is an absolute bargain.

    I just used it and though it is faster, it did not attached my wisestamp signature at the bottom - imperative for my business email. The question now is, how do I get it to go back to the old compose window? I cant figure it out!

    I've started using it, I love it. But it prompts me to ask when (if?) we might be able to drag and drop previous emails as attachments, which remains the one thing I remember fondly about Outlook.

    Otherwise, it is indeed cleaner/faster/slicker...can't wait for it to roll out to Google Apps users.

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