Maybe We Should All Just Give In And Go Insane Like This Fake Tech Company

This is a parody of basically any recruiting or welcoming video for any company. It's smart and biting and just really good, from some former Onion and Daily Show folks at ThingX.

It also may as well be Peter Harvey and the cast of 60 Minutes, because the world is awful and you eat dog food and then go insane and help computers murder everyone. We're all having that kind of day, right? [ThingX via BuzzFeed]


    I'm not a Dog, Good Dog.

    Thing X makes we want to hug a tree... Just before I chipp it and use it for fuel for my electric meat mincer. I love that sound. Power to Thing X

    Veridian Dynamics is a much better fake company. Go and watch Better Off Ted!

      you beat me to it!! how awesome is that show.. i do miss it dearly, a shame it got cancelled

      That's what immediately came to mind for me. Veridian Dynamics FTW!

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