Lunchtime Deal: Huge Audio Sale At JB Hi-Fi

JB Hi-Fi has between 30%-40% off high-end audio gear from now until next Sunday in what it's calling its "Audio Avalanche" sale. Brands like Yamaha and Pioneer are 30% off, as are microsystems from Panasonic and iPod docks from Logitech. You'll nab 40% off PURE digital radios and JBL iPod docks, as well. [JB Hi-Fi]


    JB don't stock "high-end" audio gear.

      ajm: agreed

    So true - it's a Shame they used to in the 90's ;)

      They were still stocking the Yamaha RX-V lineup up until about 5 years ago, still I guess it's a good thing for the specialist retailers out there.

    um, you mention the audio, but you fail to mention its 20% off Sammy Laptops.

    So you know select jbhifi stores stock dennon now there trying to phase them in along with NAD

    I am going to get a great set of Dalis. $3000 Down to below 2k. Great deal on some pretty high end speakers

    They still stock Yamaha RX-V Receivers^Receivers

    Don't think they are discounted though. Maybe buy the packs that has 30% off.

    Trying to rush dock connector-equipped gear out the door to make way for Lightning gear?

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