Lunchtime Deal: $40 iTunes Credit For $30

The only way to stock up on iTunes credit is when cards are on sale. Kmart's "two $20 cards for $30 deal" is familiar, but a handy bonus is that it runs until November 21. Lazy Christmas stocking filling ahoy! [Kmart via OzBargain via Lifehacker]


    Might want to double check the catalogue. The one on the Kmart site has a 2x $30 cards for $50.

    Either way, the $40 for $30 is a 25% off deal, where are the $60 for $50 is only about 16.6666%
    Like we have the unit pricing at the bottom of the tags on the supermarket isles, articles and ads should mention the discount % for people to understand it better.

    Just ordered a $50 from staff rewards.. so no need right now.. but definitely will be buying these in the future for my iPad.. so many cool games and stuff on iPad :)

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