Logitech's Windows 8 Touchpad Loves Gestures, Hates Wires

Logitech has given its Wireless Touchpad a much needed facelift that makes it look almost identical to Apple's Magic Trackpad -- save for a sleek dark grey finish and the lack of any wires.

You will have to top off its built-in rechargeable battery sometimes with a USB cable, but for the most part it won't have to stay tethered to your PC. A smooth glass surface accepts multi-finger gestures, up to 13 of them from Window 8's repertoire, including a shortcut to the start screen for quickly firing up your apps.

Unfortunately, because it relies on a 2.4GHz wireless connection instead of Bluetooth, you'll need to use an included tiny USB dongle. But it can actually connect to six different Logitech peripherals at once, so you shouldn't have to sacrifice too many USB ports. And you should be able to get your hands and fingers on the T650 later this month for around $100 RRP in Australia.

[Logitech via Fareastgizmos]



    I have the current/previous Logitech trackpad and its rubbish.

    Hopefully this one is better, much much MUCH better

    Looks like a good way to use 8. I think I'll wait for some reviews before committing though.

      I can't see it being better than a mouse with a scroll wheel.

        Really Motormouth? YOU can't see any difference? It makes using Windows 8 on a PC more like a tablet imo. Though I must say personally, it might get old kinda fast, but I can see the benefits if you are used to using a tablet. :)

          How? How does having a trackpad that doesn't map 1:1 with your screen emulate a tablet even a little bit? A Wacom tablet will definitely replicate the touchscreen experience but this thing won't come close. More interestingly, why would you even want to emulate a tablet?

            :) sorry dude, it's just too easy with you! :)

    I notice no natural/reverse scrolling. If Windows 8 is both touch and touchpad friendly then it needs natural scrolling like OSX as switching between tablet and desktop mode would be confusing.

      What do you mean? Two fingers up and down or left and right scroll the screen. Is that what you mean by natural and reverse scrolling?

        Two fingers down to pull the screen down (scroll up - like on a tablet) and vice versa. I use 50% iPad, 50% OSX for my daily drivers and until natural/reverse scrolling was enable it was confusing. Now it is all consistent. Essentially you use the trackpad as if you where touching the screen.

          Ah. If it's not default I would presume it can be changed in settings. Maybe someone using Win8 RC can chime in.

    "it look almost identical to Apple’s Magic Trackpad — save for a sleek dark grey finish and the lack of any wires."

    Isn't Apple's "Magic Trackpad" wireless?

      You are right, the author appears to be using "save for" incorrectly. Well, he uses it correctly when referencing the color, but incorrectly when referencing the wire.

    Sounds alright, but I think a magic type mouse would be better, giving you the option of using the top as a trackpad for gestures or moving it like a normal mouse.

    Also a sleek charging dock would be so much better than having to plug in a USB when it gets low, which sounds pretty annoying for a wireless device on your desk.

      I assume you can continue to use it while it is charging. If I was stupid enough to buy one, I'd probably just keep it plugged in all the time and only use it wirelessly away from home.

    There you go, proof that you can design a multi-touch trackpad that doesn't resemble the magic trackpad *coughHPcough*

    Great! Now they need to do something new for the DiNovo Edge so I can have something that isn't too redundant.

    I'll stick to my Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch for the desktop, the larger surface area and pen input is great, but when I'm on the move I sometimes take the original Logitech trackpad with me, so I might consider this as a replacement if the old one doesn't work well with windows 8...

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