Logitech's Wi-Fi Webcam Turns Your MacBook Into A Broadcast Studio

Built-in webcams have been a standard option on Macs for the past six or seven years. So it seems a bit odd for Logitech to release an external webcam that's designed exclusively for Apple hardware. But if you're tired of your camera being stuck above your display, the Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcam will give you a new angle on recording.

Its most notable feature is wireless functionality and the ability to stream a signal directly to Ustream with accompanying software. It also works with Skype and iMovie, and iOS devices through a custom app, providing a crisp 720P signal even when connected over Wi-Fi.

Cutting the cords does come with tradeoffs, though, namely a limited two hour battery life which is probably even shorter when using the built-in LED lamp. But a USB charging cable and an AC adaptor will come to the rescue when you don't need to wander. The Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcam also comes with a nifty travel case that doubles as a stand, but that might not be enough to justify its hefty $US199 price tag given its targeting a market that's not lacking in webcams to begin with.

[Logitech via Ubergizmo]



    Nice looking product. Great for mac mini owners that dont have a web cam. I also like the utility of being able to use two camera views. Though you could do that with any webcam, its portability and ability to use without being tethered by a usb cable is a nice feature. Is two hours enough? Probably. You could always buy a small external battery like the hyperjuice micro from http://www.hypershop.com and have many hours of power!

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