LG's Massive 84-Inch 4K 3D TV Has An Unsurprisingly Huge Price Tag

It might not shock you to learn that an 84-inch 3D 4K TV (OMFG ABBREVIATIONS) will cost you a pretty penny. LG today took the large covers off of its crazy-big new TV for the Australian market, and it revealed the price. We've gone eyes-on with the TV that costs the same as a small hatchback.

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The 84-inch monster panel got its coming out party at this year's IFA tech fair in Berlin. Today was its first showing in Australia. The local price? $15,999. For $15,999, you can pick up the 2012 Ford Fiesta with a $500 chunk of change to spare.

Still, small hatchbacks aside, it's still a bunch cheaper than Sony's latest 4K offering which is being priced around $28,000. For those playing the car game, that's just shy the cost of a new Toyota Camry Altise. Ouch.

LG is calling its TV a UD -- Ultra Definition -- TV. It's sporting a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, which to you and I is essentially 4K. LG has bolted an upscaler onto the thing so that you can make your SD and HD content look watchable on this comically huge panel, as well as a 2D-to-3D image converter.

The panel also has 3D capabilities and a few smart options like smart picture zooming that lets you set the 3D depth and smart audio which allows you to tune the depth of the audio. The smarts continue into the dashboard on the panel which lets you install and run apps on your TV. LG has over 400 apps right now.

You can pick up LG's 84-inch mammoth 4K panel from November.

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    damn I guess my old 64" plasma will have a few years left in it yet, not that I was expecting this thing to be any cheaper than it is.

      It will be a while before content catches up. 3840 x 2160 is 4 times HD. Looking forward to streaming 4K in the future.. who said we don't need the NBN? :)

    It's a lot, but I can still remember when a 50" 1080i plasma screen, with no built-in tuner or speakers, would set you back roughly $17,000.00.
    2003 - not really that long ago.

      One of my customers was a very early adopter and he got a Fujitsu 40" for $25,000 from AV Domain. It has the shittiest picture, with no HDMI inputs, and doesn't have a built-in tuner. The funny thing is he isn't allowed (by his wife) to buy a new TV until it dies.

      Even my sisters 50" Pioneer (which was absolutely huge back when she bought it) was $8,999, and it is SD with out a tuner built in.

        Sometimes people bring these old panels into me for repairs, they're seriously not worth investing money into the piece of crap. I told a customer that even though the 42" TV cost him $18,000 when he got it, to replace the panel would cost over a grand... I said you can get a brand new 42" TV, with extended warranty. Far better picture, built in speakers, video streaming capabilities, HD Tuner, HDMI ports, a simpler and cleaner interface for under a grand... Needless to say, he took my advice, I could see the regret on his face for ever buying the TV... Then I explained to him that, at the time, it was the best TV out there, just to make him feel a bit happier.

        I remember seeing the 42" Pioneer plasmas for $25k at Myer. Wonder how many they sold!

    I'm going to wait until we get Hologram Tvs. By then 4K or 8K will be bout price of a plasma and then get a 4K or 8K tv and in another 5 years or so get the hologram lol.

    We'll someday reach a point to where the picture quality of TVs will become irrelevant, when that happens it'll look so superb that it'll be as if there were no screen there at all. The quality will be as if someone had cut out the screen and made a performance behind it.

    Had to stop reading after 'bunch cheaper'. Please don't do that

    Not bad you would get it for $14,000 in store , however no content unlike 3Dtv's theres a decent amount of movies availible and always more on the way the question is how much of a diffrence will the upscaler make because thats only the reason to buy it for at least 12 months onwarda after release

    Damn, then soon they have UD blu ray.... now my blu ray will be obselete... like my DVDs collection. They look like crap compare to Blu ray...

    I wonder if they start doing the UD Media that can do 4K

    All the comments on no content, I think PC gaming won't take long to patch games to run at the res, and then goodbye current gen consoles forever.

    I would go for LG 4k better off~

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