Lenovo Won't Release The Bendy New Ideapad Yoga In Australia

Bad news, you guys. The Lenovo Yoga -- that crazy, hybrid, folding Windows 8-powered laptop/tablet we were all looking forward to isn't coming to Australia. At all. Ever.

Lenovo Australia told us today that the Yoga falls under the company's Idea line-up. That includes everything from the Ideapad right through to the Yoga. The problem with the Idea line is that it doesn't ever get shipped to Australia. We get stuck with the Think line-up which includes the Thinkpad X1 Carbon I'm currently reviewing.

You can import it, though. There's nothing stopping you doing that. The 13-inch IdeaPad Yoga is set to run you $US1099 -- which, let's face it is probably cheaper than it ever would have been if it came to Australia -- and the 11-inch Windows RT-powered Yoga will be $US799. The smaller of the two goes on sale in December.

We're still waiting on word from Lenovo Australia about how one would handle service and warranty queries for these imported units.

Sad about the Yoga-less future?



    Every single Lenovo laptop I've used has been pretty crappy, so this doesn't really bother me

      Reading this with my 4 year-old, and still ass-whippin', ThinkPad T61

    Who cares? I never understood the hype around this device in the first place. I would never use it in tablet mode, with the keyboard sitting exposed at the back. It would feel strange to hold and you would never want to put it down on the keyboard.

      I like them trying new things.

      But I agree with you for this specific idea. Just weird.

    You know what would be cool? If the keyboard half was sufficiently thin and light and you could give it a 180 degree twist and fold it flat against the back of the tablet half. Then you'd have a laptop, a decent sized tablet, a stand, and a cover/keyboard all in one. I'd buy one!

      Dang, they already do one - the ThinkPad Edge Twist. At 1.6Kg it looks pretty good:

      Lenovo will be releasing just that kind of machine, only it is the screen that swivels, not the chassis, at the same time as this. It is called the ThinkPad Edge Twist, which means we'll probably get it here. Lenovo have been doing this kind of tablet since the days of WinXP, so it is really a no-brainer for them.

      I'd find some old ones for you on eBay, but cbf.

    Very true that importing is probably the better choice for the more interesting models of PC - that would go for all manufacturers. Straya tax and all that.

      Yeah, right. I am confident I can get anything locally for no more than 10% over the cost of importing it from the US, often for around the same price. e.g. I got my Zenbook from JB hi-fi for $30 more than it would have cost me to buy one in the US (before postage/taxes). In any event, there are so many advantages in buying from a bricks and mortar shop that it is worth paying a premium for.

        Advantages like terrible customer service, salesmen who don't know wtf they're talking about and just push their own personal bias, and being directed to the unit they'll get the most kickbacks for instead of the better unit?

        So many advantages to buying computers in bricks and mortar stores...

          It is always far more satisfying to deal with an online shop by email, who are equally attentive and far less accessible - perhaps black hole is appropriate. Oh yes, some have phones to ring where they can also fob you off without looking into your eyes, and sometimes read from irrelevant scripts and are always "very concerned for you". Reality please. JB, HN, etc have a lot to answer for, but online is a crap shoot also.

            The best customer service and after sales support I have ever had has been from online stores. I would never hestitate to buy car parts from MVP Motorsports or electronics from BH Photo Video in the USA, or clothing from Surfstitch which is actually Australian.

            The beauty of the internet means I can shop without borders and find the store with the combination of great prices and great customer service.

    Welcome to *down-under*! Inept and incapable of understanding the electronic gizmos of the *upper-world*.
    ...might go play with a rock.

    Do Lenovo offer global warranty? Asus do. Purchased my eee netbook from the US as we only get the low end to middle of the range here, and I could import a top of the range for less than local pricing. Global warranty means the only thing I had to worry about was buying a local power cord.

      A global warranty is not usually satisfying if there are no parts in the country because there is no product in the country. The importer of record might take months to fix your machine - if they will under the warranty terms. Think!

        Yea I thought real long and hard about a 1.3ghz atom vs a 1.8ghz for cheaper. Not a chance I'd buy the aussie model.

    I just can't understand *why not*. Whether you like Lenovo, the proposect of the Yoga or not, I still can't understand why they don't bring it here. Personally this strikes me as the best Windows 8 laptop out there (as you can just convert it to a table for a meeting if necessary, and the hinge design seems the one least likely to have problems), yet for Lenovo to simply say they won't/don't bring the Idea line to Australia seems to me like pure stupidity on the part of whoever is running Lenovo Australia. Surely this is their best product yet, so it would seem there must be a reason but just that they won't disclose why not.

    I actually wanted to see one in person though before I considered shipping one in from the US, but I rang Lenovo about the warranty and as I recall, what they said was I'd have to ship it back to the US for warranty issues, which to me makes it a no-go (particularly given I don't travel to the US often).

    Crazy, stupid.

    By saying import. Is it means that we can buy it through the Lenovo website. Because I knew that Lenovo ain't gonna ship the product internationally. And basically if I am buying this on eBay. The post fee is gonna be crazy. So it won't really be chipper.

    I just bought the 13 inch Lenovo Yoga from the Lenovo USA website via 'Price USA' (a 3-rd party handling service for products that will only be shipped to USA addresses). I absolutely LOVE it! I got the base model, but my husband is getting the top of the line version next week. Postage was only $94 and with the exchange rate at the moment it was basically absorbed into the price. Get this laptop if you can - beats the thinkpad by a mile!

    theres an american company called B&Hphotovideo which ship to australia, as well as offer 2 year internaitonal warranty. postage and warranty incl. the price is still lower than i would expect in aus

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