Leaked iPad Mini Photos Show First Look At Black Model, 3G Support

UkrainianiPhone has some exclusive leaked photos of the 7.85-inch iPad mini, showing its black case for the first time. The photos were allegedly taken by a source "close to Apple production line in China" and they match the previous parts leak, which showed two dock connectors, one in white and the other in black.

It also shows other new details, like 3G support:

Like the iPad, the stereo mini jack Mini Jack placement seems to be at the top (1). There's a plastic cover for the Wi-Fi antenna (3) and the dock Lightning connector is at the bottom (4). It also shows a NanoSim tray (3), which is the first evidence of 3G support in the iPad mini.

The material of the back panel is just like the iPhone 5: anodised aluminium.

Given the leaks of the iPhone 5 and the appearance of these shots, it seems like this is the real thing and we will have both black and white iPad minis coming. [UkrainianiPhone (in Russian)]

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