Larklife Is The Wristband To Track Your Life

Lark, the folks who made the wristband alarm clock to track your sleep, now has a wristband to track your life. Called Larklife, the wristband tracks your steps taken, calories burned and distance travelled and your diet and sleep too.

Think of Larklife as a slightly more ambitious take on activity measurement wristbands like the Nike Fuelband or Jawbone Up (or Fitbit). Yes, it can count how many steps you take and then translate that to a measurement but the real potential in Larklife is its personalisation to each user.

Because Larklife also keeps track of both your diet — you tap the band and the Larklife app will remind you to log your meal later — and your sleep — sleep tracking is performed by another wristband that's "inspired by pajamas" — along with your activity, Larklife literally takes your entire life into account and spits out personalised recommendations on how to improve your health. That means, ideally, Larklife will give you little daily goals for you to reach to keep you on track. Specifically:

It provides advance notice or real-time suggestions via the iOS app for small changes users should make to feel better. The individualized suggestions are a results of the user's data being analysed on the back-end by sophisticated techniques, developed by larklife's team of experts and based on the science of circadian rhythms, or how individuals' energy levels peak and dip.

The band looks significantly wider than the Fuelband or the Jawbone Up (which could be inconvenient!) but does promise a little bit more. We'll see if it works when it comes out later this year.

The Larklife will release for $US150 later this year and comes with an accompanying iOS app.


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