Kogan Taking Pre-Orders On $49 PS Vita Clone

Kogan Taking Pre-Orders On $49 PS Vita Clone

PS Vita clones are already heading to the market place in China, but it looks as though Australia is set to have PS Vita clone of its own, as Kogan is now taking pre-orders on $49 device that, for all intents and purposes, looks like a machine custom built to play ROMs.

The device is advertised as having Game Boy Advance, SNES, NES playback and comes packaged with a custom built OS. It has 4GB of internal storage and supports all types of video playback. It also comes with pre-loaded with “hundreds” of games already available on the device.


It’ll be interesting to see precisely how Sony will react to this, and local publishers. Nintendo for example most likely won’t react too well its console games being made available on this device without any licensing whatsoever. The only way Nintendo games could possibly be played on this device is through illegal ROMs.

The device is not immediately available — Kogan is currently taking pre-orders and expects to dispatch those pre-orders on November 14.

We’re currently trying to reach both Kogan and Sony for comment, and will update the story when we hear back.

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